Monday, July 5, 2010

Associated Press publishes correction in German dehydration case.

The Associated Press corrected their story on the German (euthanasia by dehydration case) but still don't get it right. Nonetheless, at least they corrected the error of calling the German decision an assisted suicide case.

Link to my previous blog comment on the German case:

Reprint of the Associated Press correction:

Correction: Germany right-to-die story

(AP) - BERLIN ­- In a story June 25 about a right-to-die case, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Germany's top criminal court legalized assisted suicide. The court didn't rule on the issue of assisted suicide. The case involved a woman in a vegetative coma who was being kept alive through an intravenous feeding tube, though not terminally ill. The court overturned the attempted manslaughter conviction of a lawyer who had told the woman's daughter she could remove the tube from her mother. The woman had previously said she did not want to be kept alive under such circumstances.

Link to the AP news article:

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