Monday, February 15, 2010

Assisted suicide petition gets 40,000 names

An article that was published in the stated that a lobby group got 40,000 signatures in one week demanding that the Dutch government allow euthanasia and assisted suicide for people who are over the age of 70 for any and all reasons "tired of living".

The Dutch euthanasia lobby has been pushing for euthanasia for those who are "tired of living" as their "final solution" for many years. When I attended the World Federation of Right to Die Societies Conference in Toronto in September 2006, the leader of the NVVE - Dutch euthanasia society, stated that he was concerned that activism on the part of the euthanasia lobby should be discouraged because it would prevent them from achieving their final goal - euthanasia for those who are "tired of living." At the same conference Philip Nitschke asked the question, why should we not have euthanasia available to those who are "tired of living."

First of all, my mom turns 70 this year. She is a great dutch woman and she has always put others first in her life. Women like her should never be told that they are "better off dead".

Secondly, I am not alone in this fact, but my father passed away many years ago. When you visit a retirement home you will notice that women live longer than men. Very few men live in retirement homes because men die on average 6 years earlier than women.

When one considers the dynamic that exists within society, we find that many elderly people live alone, they feel abandoned, and they have financial resources that some of their children are quietly thinking are "wasted by the elderly" that could be passed to the next generation through death.

The reality is that society is experiencing an incredible growth in elder abuse and now we will tell the elderly, mainly our mothers, - Oh by the way, you could access your "freedom", your "choice" by through euthanasia - hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

What about the person who resents their mother because she has significant needs. It doesn't matter that mom changed their dirty diapers and fed and cared for her children and often delayed a career in order to care for her children, now that she needs care it is perceived as terrible that she expects so much of us.

Often our mothers continue to want the best for us, even after we have grown up. Would it not be easy to convince them that death is preferable than living with needs. These women will feel that by agreeing to euthanasia they are doing "what is best for her children". Choice, what a joke.

The 40,000 people who signed the petition urging the government to allow "doctors" to lethally inject or provide lethal doses to our elderly mothers should be ashamed of themselves. They represent the most uncaring, self-centred, group of people that have ever lived.

Oh by the way - It would be a free choice for these elderly women. Bull - this is the prime example of how choice is a lie and assisted suicide and euthanasia are a "recipe for elder abuse."

This whole concept is based on a few academics who philosophically believe that death is the ultimate freedom. They really don't care that their philosophy threatens the lives of the many so the few white wealthy academics can say - "I am free".

It is bad enough that they allow euthanasia in general, but to simply say - "Oh by the way I am tired of living, give me the Kool-Aid" is ridiculous at best.

The article stated:
A lobby group hoping to win support for assisted suicide for the over 70s has raised the necessary 40,000 signatures to force a parliamentary debate on the issue.

The organisation, which is supported by tv personalities and academics, says thousands of elderly people have had enough of life and would like professional help to commit suicide. The campaign was launched last week.

Under Dutch law, euthanasia can only be practised if the patient is suffering 'unbearable pain'. The doctor must be convinced the patient is making an informed choice and a second doctor must also give his or her opinion.

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