Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abbotsford BC opposes euthanizing cats with gas.

I read an article that was in the Abbotsford News written by a Joe Millican about the use of gas to euthanize cats. It appears that Abbotsford doesn't approve of the use of gas for euthanizing animals whereby some other places have approved this procedure.

Normally I just delete these articles from my inbox but this one was interesting because it was concerned about the use of gas for euthanizing animals.

The article describes the procedure:
During the procedure, described as inhumane by some animal lobbyists, caged cats lose consciousness and die after being placed inside a box filled with carbon dioxide.
The article then explains that most British Columbia communities don't use gas but euthanize animals by lethal injection. It states:
Most B.C. communities use lethal injection to euthanize animals, and City of Abbotsford spokeswoman Katherine Jeffcoatt said that is the system used locally.

“The City of Abbotsford does not use gas boxes,” said Jeffcoatt. “Cats euthanized by our contractor are done by lethal injection by a veterinarian.”
The article concludes with the statement concerning the use of gas to euthanize cats that:
“It will never, ever happen,”
Link to the article:

Whereas I share the concern about the ethical treatment of animals, I cannot understand why if we are so concerned about the use of gas to euthanize animals that we as humans do not react to the use of gas by the final exit network to euthanize humans. Some of whom are depressed and all of whom need a caring community not wannabe Jack Kevorkians.

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