Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poll: More than half of the people in Scotland oppose assisted suicide.

By Alex Schadenberg

The media in the UK has been reporting that 80% of people support the legalisation of assisted suicide and now a new poll shows that 49% of British people and 42% of Scottish people support assisted suicide.

I am shocked.

People in the UK have been pressured by the media with stories that should be making them more supportive of assisted suicide but in fact the people are becoming more opposed to assisted suicide.

This is fabulous.

Considering the fact that many people confuse assisted suicide with the act of removing life-sustaining medical treatment, it is likely that the actual opposition to the direct and intentional involvement with causing death (assisted suicide) is probably even higher.

Margo McDonald
Opposition to assisted suicide is even greater in Scotland where Margo McDonald has been pushing for support for a bill that would legalise assisted suicide (direct and intentional involvement with causing the death) that I hope this poll gives parliamentarians in Scotland the courage to reject her call for assisted suicide.

The article by David Maddox that was published today in the New Scotsman stated:
Research conducted by pollsters ComRes found 49 per cent of people across the UK support legalisation while 42 per cent oppose.

However, in Scotland, where a bill by Independent Lothians MSP Margo McDonald allowing assisted suicide is due to be tabled at Holyrood, 52 per cent were against legalisation compared to 42 per cent in favour.

The poll of 1,001 people was ... following the decision by the Law Lords to force the Crown Prosecution to issue guidelines when it would prosecute people for taking terminal ill relatives or friends to a clinic where they could end their lives.

The case was brought by Diane Pretty, who wants her husband to be protected when she decides her own medical condition has become unbearable.

It also followed the death of Dan James late last year, whose parents took him at his own request to Switzerland to end his life after he had become completely debilitated following a rugby injury.

However, pro-life groups and organisations representing disabled people have fiercely opposed the move, which they fear will become a charter to end the life of a relative who has become too much of a nuisance to look after.

The question put forward was: "In principle, do you think it should be legal or illegal to help end the life of a suicidal person?"

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