Saturday, August 22, 2009

Couple seeks euthanasia for their sons in India.

I came across this article today about a farmer and his wife who have asked the President Pratibha Patil for permission to kill their four sons (ages 10 - 16) who have muscular dystrophy.

The problem with this article is that we can only imagine the struggle with caring for four sons with muscular dystrophy but we are not told about the level of care that exists or the lack of care that does not exist.

This is another story of a terrible case that society in India should respond to by providing this family with the necessary care for the family to provide for their children.

We must believe that this family would rather not kill their children and the answer to these cases is to provide the means for the family and not leave them destitute.

The short article with link follows.
Farmer couple seeks 'mercy killing' for four minor sons

New Delhi, Aug 22 (PTI) A farmer and his wife in Uttar Pradesh have sought President Pratibha Patil's permission for the mercy killing of all their four minor sons afflicted by a genetic disease that has confined them to bed.

The four, aged 10 to 16 years, have been afflicted by muscular dystrophy, leaving them in a vegetative state.

"My sons cannot stand on their feet nor can they move their body below the neck," said the children's father Jeet Narayan of Bashi village of Mirzapur district.

"I appealed before the officials, the administration and the state government for help but no one is there to listen to our plight," Narayan told Times Now, as he was shown carrying his sons on his arms to bed.

Narayan has written to the President, the Prime Minister and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister for the mercy killing of his sons.


Anonymous said...

How can I help? Where can I send money to help this family?

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Anonymous:

That is a very good question. The family obviously needs money but also support in fulfilling their daily demand to care.