Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Assisted Suicide amendment defeated in the UK parliament

I just received a notice from Peter Saunders, the director of the Care Not Killing Alliance in the UK that the assisted suicide amendment in the UK parliament was defeated.

He stated:
Falconer's amendment just defeated by 194 to 141 - a bigger margin than the defeat of the Joffe Bill!!

A fantastic result!

Well done all!

Peter Saunders

This is an incredible victory considering the fact that the amendment to the bill was based on giving UK citizens the green light to travel to Switzerland to temporarily visit the death clinic without any worry of legal reprisal.

The reason the assisted suicide law is being changed in the UK is to ensure that predators who counsel others via the internet to commit suicide can be prosecuted for their crime. Falconer's amendment would have given the UK a crazy dichotomy within their legislation. It would have outlawed assisting a suicide and also allowed death tourism.

Congratulations Peter and job well done.

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