Monday, April 6, 2009

New Mexico Bill makes gassing animals illegal

When debating the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide, it is often suggested that we euthanise animals why not euthanise humans?

I could write a long comment on why humans and animals are not the same, but then I would rather write about the fact that Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has signed into law a bill to prevent animal cruelty that outlaws the euthanasia technique of gassing animals to death.

The article in the Albuquerque newspaper stated:
It passed the legislature and the governor signed the bill into law on Monday. The law prohibits euthanasia of dogs and cats by gas chambers.

The bill closes a loophole in existing legislation, and would eliminate the use of gas chambers in all cities and municipalities.

At the same time the Final Exit Network has been travelling across the United States using Turkey bags and Helium (Exit Bag) to assist the suicides of humans.

I wonder why it is considered humane by the Final Exit Network to use helium and a plastic hood while it is inhumane to use gas to euthanise dogs and cats.

I guess we don't need to wonder why the Final Exit Network "Guides" need to allegedly hold down the hands of their suicide victim to stop them from removing the hood.

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