Friday, November 7, 2008

Medical providers in Washington State say they won't assist with suicides.

An article in the November 6th edition of the spokesman review paper in Spokane Washington indicated that Providence, the State's largest healthcare provider, will not support assisted suicide, even though the new assisted suicide law will take effect in July 2009.

Karina Jennings, the Providence spokesperson stated:
We do not believe health care providers should ever be put in a position of aiding a patient in taking his or her own life.

We believe we don't have to participate and plan to exercise a conscience clause allowing us to be exempt.

Similarly the Washington State Medical Association was outspoken in its opposition to assisted suicide.

Jennifer Lawrence Hanscom, the spokesperson for the Washington State Medical Association stated that they oppose assisted suicide and support the repeal of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act. She said:
assisted suicide runs counter to the Hippocratic Oath, which directs them to do no harm.

The Hospice of Spokane stated:
Hospice of Spokane's life-affirming care is intended to neither hasten nor prolong death. Rather it is about providing patients with the best possible quality of life in the time they have remaining.

The non-profit organization does not practice physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. They also said that they will not deny or discontinue hospice care to patients who are considering seeking help to end their lives.

The Washington State Medical Association needs to maintain its opposition to assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is not a medical practise fitting the human person.

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