Thursday, May 1, 2008

Internet providers urged to remove 'suicide gas' instructions

The euthanasia lobby likes to talk about choice and the right of competent people to make decisions about their own autonomy.

The reality is that the euthanasia lobby is really about creating a “right to die” meaning that people would have the right to have someone else directly involved in their death at the time of their choosing.

The euthanasia lobby really doesn’t care that their utopian vision directly threatens the lives of vulnerable people.

The posting of specific suicide instructions on the internet has prompted a strong response from Japanese police.

The National Police Agency in Japan has asked ISPs, telecom firms and cable broadcasters for help after 48 people have died using homemade hydrogen sulphide to commit suicide in the past month alone. They are asking that instructions on how to produce hydrogen sulphide gas be removed from suicide websites.

Remember, choice is a euphemism that is used by the euthanasia lobby to push a radical agenda for an international “right” to die.

Victims of suicide do not choose death, but rather die out of an extreme feeling of hopelessness that is often related to depression, mental illness or breakdown.

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