Friday, May 16, 2008

Euthanasia Advocates fail to distance themselves from Exoo.

On Monday, May 12, 2008 my blog covered the issue of George Exoo and the recent film that has been made about him by film maker Jon Ronson.

Ronson explained that he got the idea of making a film about Exoo after the death of Rosemary Toole. The Ronson exposeé proves that Exoo will assist the suicide of people who are depressed, mentally ill and not terminally ill.

Today Dr. Libby Wilson responded to the Exoo debacle in the guardian newspaper. Wilson explains that “it is by unfortunate associations that the member societies of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies are lumped together with loose cannons such as Rev George Exoo.”

The reality is that the Rev George Exoo finds his victims through the member societies of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

In September 2006, I attended the World Federation of Right to Die Societies conference in Toronto. One of the speakers was Dr. Philip Nitschke. Nitschke was there to promote the idea of the “peaceful” pill that could be used by anyone when they are “tired of living”.

Maybe Nitschke is just another loose cannon but the member societies of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies didn’t distance themselves from his comments.

A volunteer with the Compassion & Choices client support program explained that she “believes the cost for medical technology is often a waste of money.” She said “She became a volunteer because she wants to hasten her own death.”

This woman was a mainstream volunteer for Compassion & Choices.

Exoo is more extreme than the other Right to Die lobby, but he is only more extreme by degree, not because of his actions.

The Right to Die lobby is a death cult.

The only really difference between the mainstream lobby and the work of George Exoo is the strategy they have set to achieve their agenda.


George Exoo said...

George Exoo here. It is difficult to know where people get their information and opinions re George Exoo (me). I am somewhat amazed that people who know nothing of me or my clients should decide everyone I have helped is merely depressed, if not crazy.
1) I should say that I try to help all who come to me. I don't dismiss them as many RTD people are wont to do. I work conscientiously to find alternatives. I recall one troublesome case of a man in great pain who had been cut off by his insurance company (the notorious Unum Provident). In desperation I telephoned Not Dead Yet to seek help, since that organization has been, like you, so self-righteous about people seeking self-delivery. Not unexpectedly their answer was "SORRY. We can not help and know no one who can." And I work with many clients for years, forcing nothing, but with genuine compassion encouraging them to make up their own minds. I encourage them to visit faith healers, anyone who might help.
2) The definition of "depression" is far from the simplistic one your comments imply. I won't go there in this email, but suffice it to say, depression accompanies many illnesses as a secondary factor. Such was the case with Rosemany Toole. The Irish media, for the most part, eager to generate scandal, kept quoting police who spoke only of "depression." Yet, as we interviewed Rosemary and as she reported her condition, the root cause was a complex chemical imbalance called "Cushings Syndrome." In 40% of cases, there is no effective treatment. Did any of these hasty condemnors consult with her physicians? (I know of only one with the Irish Times who confided in me at the time of her death that Rosemary's physician told him "Rosemary suffered greatly....I'm glad someone was with her at the end.") I should say they have not, but cleave to gossip. I was most disappointed in Libby Wilson who should have investigated more deeply than she did before calling me a "loose canon."
3) So it would appear to me that John Ronson, whose original charge for Channel 4 was ONLY to investigate the spiritual aspects of my work, got wrapped up in the many secondary opinions and gossip surrounding Rosemary Toole and from that concluded that MOST of my clients are simply depressed or mentally ill. How unfair! Of course, only a few people were willing to go on record. One of them was "Pam" who suffered for two decades from multiple-chemical sensitivities. How Jon ever concluded she was "merely depressed," I don't know. He was grossly mistaken. Another was the woman Dick Cote interviewed. Her disease was another esoteric condition, Morgellans Disease. There is no known cure or reputable treatment. 4) For the reasons stated, because I will work with people whose illness is esoteric or untreatable or undiagnosable, many RTD folks who work on on rumour and gossip will be quick to spread untruths. 5)I make it a point to speak well of all people in the movement. Alas, the RTD movement is fraught with back biters and jealousy. 6) If you(or any of your friends) would like to become a consultant to provide real options for people who are suffering greatly, please contact me: Thanks

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear George:

I am happy to offer genuine support to people who are suffering, but the questions pertaining to your actions are:

1. If people are suffering depression and mental pain, why would you provide them information or the means for suicide?

2. If others are unwilling to kill your clients, why are you willing to kill them?