Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Nurse responds to story of Québec quadriplegic man who suffered neglect and then "chose" euthanasia.

The following message was from a Quebec nurse concerning the quadriplegic man who "chose" euthanasia after being left on a stretcher for 95 hours and subsequently developed a bed sore.

I am writing because I am a nurse who is having a hard time coping with the extended MAID criteria. I have worked with vulnerable populations and see that this is the governments way of “getting rid” of the problem. But really they are cornering and making the most vulnerable feel like burdens. I live in Quebec and the story of a Quebec man who was left for 95 hours in a stretcher and then subsequently sustained a bed sore has gained attention. He then was presented the option for MAID and took it due to feeling like a burden. This is directly a result of the failure of our healthcare system, and as a Canadian I no longer feel comfortable watching this happen. What can I do to help raise more awareness on this issue? I am becoming increasingly angry, and feel that there is not enough advocacy around this. I feel that this is the start of the “extinction” of the vulnerable rather than creating proper supports, infrastructure and safety nets.
We need more people speaking out, but we also need more stories uncovering the reality of euthanasia in Canada. The political shift that prevented the federal government from instituting euthanasia for mental illness alone came about from the many stories of people with disabilities who were approved for euthanasia, but requested it based on poverty, homelessness, an inability to get the care that they needed and more.

Québec quadriplegic man "chooses" euthanasia after suffering horrific negligent care. (Link).

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