Monday, April 25, 2022

Protect Children's Lives from euthanasia.

We have great news for you and we know you will want to be part of it.

For some time, pressure to legalize child euthanasia has been gaining strength. In 2014 Belgium was the first country to legalize child euthanasia. In the Netherlands the government launched a discussion about child euthanasia. We took action and we have begun to see favourable results for protecting the fundamental right to life of our children. Now Canada has also begun to debate child euthanasia.

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We have joined forces in favour of life with different organizations and we have become the voice against child euthanasia. We believe that ending the life of children is not the solution; A child with a serious medical condition needs love, care and protection, not the message that his life is not valuable.

A child doesn’t have the ability to consent to having their life ended by euthanasia. Society owes to our children to give hope even in the midst of difficult health conditions and to provide the best palliative care possible.

We invitate you to join us and together be a voice to protect children’s lives.
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We are an active network that is committed to increasingly reach the different spheres of society and to be able to be an increasingly strong movement in the investigation of irregularities, making solid arguments in favour of life and to be a community that believes that euthanasia is not the solution for children.

We invite you to visit our website to read the information, as well as to find us and follow us on all our social media platforms and we promise to keep you updated on any progress and campaigns.

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Together to protect children's lives.

With love
Protect Children's lives

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Rita Magny said...

I am a mother, grand-mother, and a great-grand-mother. The children in this family are precious and very valuable in every way!
Has the whole humanity lost their inteligence. How can destroying children even enter a thought?
May God have Mercy on us.