Monday, January 25, 2016

Euthanasia contagion - it exists!

The writer asked to remain anonymous for the privacy of the family. 

My grand-mother is 95 years old. She lives in a nursing home in Belgium, and we, her family, live on another continent. Last year, she became critically ill and told us she wanted to ask for euthanasia. Her doctor was against the idea, and then her health improved. We then used technology to better stay in touch with her. After that, she stopped talking about requesting euthanasia.

This year, on her birthday a few weeks ago, when we gave her best wishes, she said that the best wish would be that this was her last birthday. She was quite depressed after spending Christmas and New Year on her own. But we kept in touch with her, with several video calls each week. Her spirits lifted, she was happy, enthused and appeared relaxed on recent calls with her.

Today, she informs us that her only real friend at the residence, a “young woman of 75”, had requested euthanasia and her request had been approved on the basis of Parkinson’s. She is to be killed tomorrow.

My grand-mother is now extremely upset and distressed. She spoke about losing her only friend. She spoke of feeling alone and isolated. She spoke of the fact that maybe it was time for her to look at euthanasia again.

How many other residents in that home are feeling similarly? How many requests for euthanasia will happen in that nursing home in the next few weeks?

I have no hard data about “contagion effect”, but I see the very real impact her friend’s upcoming euthanasia has on my grand-mother.

There is no support in place for the residents. No one to speak to them, or to reassure them, other than the odd group presentation about why euthanasia is a good idea. (Link to previous article).

Meanwhile, in Canada, there is a Committee looking at how to implement “aid in dying”. And so far, we aren’t seeing anything about addressing the impact the “assisted death” of a nursing home resident would have on others, or the impact on the family left behind. We can’t let this go unaddressed.

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Suzanne said...

"Je me souviens" is the official motto of Quebec. The motto means "I remember". But with the alarming news about the push for euthanasia and assisted suicide in Quebec, which will affect the rest of the country as well, it makes me question if the French people of Quebec really do remember and appreciate how very much God helped them throughout history such as by sending them St. Joan of Arc and numerous other beloved Saints to help them Win in their dire struggles. Do they remember that killing another human being is clearly forbidden by God's Ten Commandments? Please everybody Help to stop the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide. Once legalized, based on other countries where it has been done, choice is an illusion, the disabled feel pressured to opt for death, the elderly fear going into the hospital that they'll never get out alive due to being killed against their will - because it is happening to others. Furthermore, studies show that legalizing these killings has a serious suicide contagion effect. Killing is not caring!
Please consider the following:
● Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law went into effect in 1998.
● By 2000, Oregon's regular suicide rate was "increasing significantly" See ("After decreasing in the 1990s, suicide rates have been increasing significantly since 2000").
● By 2007, Oregon's other (regular) suicide rate was 35% above the national average.
● By 2010, per the most recent report, Oregon's other (regular) suicide rate was 41% above the national average.

Life is precious and only G-d Knows Everything! Can doctors determine when a person is ready to die so that their soul is at peace and their loved ones have the greatest chance to find the eternal peace and joy of Heaven and avoid eternal suffering? Who can Shoulder the burden of killing a person before they are ready to die - and not sink eternally if that soul wasn't ready... We all walk upon a Divine High Wire in life. Being loving and honorable and abiding by God's Commandments keeps us Up and protects our own eternal souls. When we miss the mark of Love and break God's commandments, this is called sin and we risk falling eternally. The Sacraments of the Catholic Church are God's Help for us to get back Up - because God Loves us and doesn't want anyone to suffer eternally. Our hearts are restless until they rest in God! Trusting in Jesus and turning to God and His Divine Mercy can help people but turning to euthanasia and assisted suicide is breaking away from God and is heading in the wrong direction! God is Love and only Divine Love alleviates all pain - and it lasts forever!