Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nitschke continues to sell suicide over the internet.

Philip Nitschke, is once again promoting the illegal import of veterinary euthanasia drugs in Australia.

Yahoo 7 news in Australia interviewed Nitschke in a manner that almost invited the illegal import of lethal drugs. The interview did state:
"Be careful, because it's illegal." 
The penalty for importing or possessing Nembutal is a prison sentence or a fine of up to $825,000. 
Dr Nitschke says hundreds of Australians have illegally brought the drug into the country over the past couple of years. 
The Australian Federal Police have told the ABC's Lateline program that they have seized almost 15 kilograms of the drug since 2007.
The illegal promotion of veterinary euthanasia drugs by Nitschke is dangerous and reckless. 
A 2010 report from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine researched 51 people who died from Nembutal in Australia. The report found that young people and depressed people were more likely to die by Nembutal than terminally ill people in Australia.

The report stated that of the 51 people who were known to have died from Nembutal, 6 people were in their 20's, 8 people were in their 30's, 5 people were in their 40's, 14 people were in their 50's, 3 people in their 60's, 10 in their 70's, and 5 people were over the age of 80.

Further to that, the report found that of the 38 known deaths that were investigated by a coroner, only 11 had a significant physical illness or chronic pain with the remaining 27 cases showing no signs of physical problems.

The report suggested that the 27 otherwise healthy people who died from Nembutal use were most likely depressed or mentally ill.
In February 2010 Nitschke stated to the Australian Age newspaper, in response to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine report that:
''There will be some casualties … but this has to be balanced with the growing pool of older people who feel immense well being from having access to this information,'' 
More recently Nitschke has been importing death cannisters under the corporate name - Max Dog Brewing.
The media continues to be irresponsible in their promotion of Nitschke, a man who is not concerned that his promotion of suicide has led to many depressed and mentally ill people have been encouraged to suicide rather than encouraged to receive good, caring medical help.
I am convinced that Nitschke once again went the media to promote his suicide business in response to the fact that he and his Euthanasia Party were electorally trounced in the recent Australian Senate election.

Readers of this who are thinking about suicide contact. Suicide hotline.

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DianaMary said...

Thanks for drawing attention to the activities of Dr Nitschke. What is outrageous is that there is more than enough evidence in interviews like this to establish that he is assisting suicides all over Australia. Assisted Suicide is illegal in Australia, yet Dr Nitschke has not been prosecuted - why is this?
For an insightful look at Dr Nitschke, who admits that "For most of his adult life he has suffered from mental health problems - in particular extreme hypochondria." see this recent article in the Australian Media: