Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doctor Death continues to promote veterinarian drugs for suicide

Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr Death, continues to promote the purchase of veterinarian euthanasia drugs for his supporters to use for suicide.

Philip Nitschke
An article published today in the Australian paper, Perth Now, explains that a source of Nembutal, a drug used in the euthanasia of animals, has been discovered in Thailand.

Nitschke has been irresponsible with his promotion of the use of Nembutal and this has resulted in large numbers of his supporters, as well as young healthy or depressed people also obtaining Nembutal to kill themselves.

A recent report from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine researched 51 people who died from Nembutal in Australia. The report found that young people and depressed people were more likely to die by Nembutal than terminally ill people in Australia.

The report stated that of the 51 people who were known to have died from Nembutal, 6 people were in their 20's, 8 people were in their 30's, 5 people were in their 40's, 14 people were in their 50's, 3 people in their 60's, 10 in their 70's, and 5 people were over the age of 80.

Further to that, the report found that of the 38 known deaths that were investigated by a coroner, only 11 had a significant physical illness or chronic pain with the remaining 27 cases showing no signs of physical problems.

The report suggested that the 27 otherwise healthy people who died from Nembutal use were most likely depressed or mentall ill.

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With the continued promotion of Nembutal, Nitschke is proving that he doesn't care about the colateral damage that is caused by his promotion of Nembutal. People are travelling around the world obtaining Nembutal from veterinary clinics and putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.

Nitschke's irresponsibly promoting Nembutal for his own politcal gain without caring that vulnerable people are dying at the same time.

Link to the article in Perth Now:


asher said...

everyone have right to die, young or old
ill or not.

fuck off Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Anonymous said...

"People are travelling around the world obtaining Nembutal from veterinary clinics and putting their lives and the lives of others at risk."

Excuse me but how are people taking this to kill themselves putting others at risk??? Only by showing them a decent way to go instead of blowing ones head off or hanging and letter small children find you... OR my favorite! Drinking and going on the highway and crashing head on into traffic (HURTING others btw AND also covering up a suicide by making it look like an accident!) these are the ways people have to do it by themselves without help! Causing MASSIVE trama to random people. Using this drug to die doesn't create the shock value that blowing your brains out or hanging does... Everything you make illegal helps fund organized crime!