Monday, October 22, 2012

Minnesota Supreme Court to hear Assisted Suicide case.

Nadia Kajouji
Mark Drybrough
The Associated Press has reported that the Minnesota Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of the conviction of William Melchert-Dinkel. Melchert-Dinkel was convicted in the assisted suicide deaths of Nadia Kajouji, a 18-year-old Carlton University student (Ottawa) who was living with depression, and Mark Drybrough, a 32 year old from Coventry England who was living with depression.

The Associated Press article stated:
The Minnesota Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a former nurse convicted of searching out suicidal people in online chat rooms and encouraging them to commit suicide. 
William Melchert-Dinkel (MEHL'-kurt DINK'-uhl) of Faribault (FAYR'-boh) was convicted in 2011 on two counts of aiding suicide. The Minnesota Court of Appeals in July rejected his argument that he was merely practicing free speech. 
In an order Tuesday, the state Supreme Court agreed to review the case. A date for oral arguments has not been set. 
Melchert-Dinkel was convicted in the deaths of 32-year-old Mark Drybrough, of Coventry, England, and 18-year-old Nadia Kajouji, of Brampton, Ontario, in 2008. 
Melchert-Dinkel faces about a year in jail unless his conviction is overturned. He remains free pending appeal.
Melchert-Dinkel admitted to being involved with many suicide deaths. Online suicide predators, like Melchert-Dinkel, convince people on a world-wide basis to commit suicide.
Some assisted suicide lobby groups are also involved on a world-wide basis with counselling people via the internet to commit suicide.
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