Monday, October 29, 2012

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition & HOPE Australia attacked by Philip Nitschke.

By Paul Russell, HOPE

Exit International’s latest newsletter (Sept – Nov), devotes nearly four of the twelve-pages to attacking yours truly (Paul Rusell), HOPE, Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and a list of supposed accomplices. Why did we get all this attention? Because we dared to lodge a complaint with the medical licensing organisation about the actions of Exit International and Philip Nitschke in their agency and promotion of a nitrogen death method.

I admit to being somewhat gratified at the attention given by Exit to HOPE and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in as much as it shows that we’re being effective. When accusations of wrong doing against us amount to a grand conspiracy theory, as these do, citing a litany of accomplices – none of whom have any involvement in our supposed error – you’ve got to think that we’ve probably touched a nerve; that our effectiveness has been well noted. But this is just a small part of our work...

Two years on.
This attack comes as we mark the second anniversary of the creation of HOPE in 2010. It is, perhaps, fitting in as much as it is recognition that we are making a very real and tangible difference!
  • Over this last year HOPE has appeared in various media on 47 occasions including radio, TV, newspapers, online journals, magazines etc. both at home, in New Zealand and across the globe.
  • We have made new friends and allies in New Zealand and Tasmania, building together a formidable coalition to oppose the bills mooted in both places.
  • We’ve seen off two threatening bills in South Australia.
  • Since July, the new blog has recorded 84 posts of both local and international news which is viewed daily by readers across Australia and the world.
  • We have surveyed candidates at both the Queensland and ACT Elections and will continue this program in the years ahead.
  • Internationally, we continue to build on our successes and to forge new alliances and we’re now looking forward to a renewed push back in Europe.
  • We’re also about to launch a new ‘push back’ initiative in Australia called ‘The declaration of HOPE’ (more details shortly).
And through all of this we continue to grow the network, build on our alliances and expand into the realm of social media – all with the ultimate goal of continuing to prevent euthanasia & assisted suicide.


Anonymous said...

Just saw Paul Russell appearance on 7.30 Report re:Phil Nitschke story which took a few more days to appear on ABC site than I expected. Most of us know a fair bit about Phil from Media and his site over the yrs but I've only just heard about your org. I hope you will be happy to enlighten everyone about the background of your founding members so that people will know where you are coming from. M.Sorb

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the background of the founding members of your organisation because it's much more recent than Phil Nitschke's aims and activities.

Anonymous said...

Saw 7.30 Report just now

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us about your orgs background