Friday, October 7, 2011

Vermont assisted suicide bill being pushed again.

A political pep rally was held on October 5 in Montpelier Vermont to once again promote a bill to legalize assisted suicide in Vermont.

Governor Peter Shumlin
During the 2010 election campaign, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, who had received political donations from the "Death with Dignity Action Fund" ran on a platform that included a promise to legalize assisted suicide in the New England state. In the 2011 legislative session, a bill to legalize assisted suicide did not get the support it needed and basically "died a dignified death".

True Dignity Vermont celebrated the defeat of the bill by pointing out how a coalition of people from all parts of the political and social perspective have been able to defeat the suicide lobby who have been well-financed.

Three years ago, a coalition of groups and individuals soundly defeated a bill to legalize assisted suicide by a vote of 82 to 63. That bill was co-sponsored by Shumlin.

The "Pep Rally" for a new assisted suicide bill had everything but the pep. An article in the Vermont Digger reported that 20 people came out to hear suicide advocate Nancy Niedzielski from Washington state promote assisted suicide. The article stated:
It was a political pep rally of sorts in Montpelier, but without much pep, largely because only 20 people attended, and the issue at hand, Vermont’s “Death With Dignity” bill, is as sobering as it is controversial.
The event, that was organized by the group "Patient Choices Vermont" makes it clear that legislators in Vermont will once again push for the legalization of assisted suicide.

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has learned through its years of involvement and polling that very few people actually want euthanasia and/or assisted suicide legalized. Now that the suicide lobby pulled out 20 people to a "pep rally" featuring an out-of-state "expert", the political leaders in Vermont are unlikely to miss the political message.

The 2011 legislative session showed how the anticipated budget savings related healthcare reform in Vermont are contingent upon the legalization of assisted suicide.

Vermont elders and people with disabilities need to continue to stand strong against assisted suicide.

For more information about the bill that was brought forth in the 2011 legislative session, please read.

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