Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CARP asks federal government to add the offence of elder abuse to the criminal code.

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is urging the government to enact legislation to place elder abuse into the Criminal Code. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition supports the direction of CARP and we hope that an Elder Abuse Prevention Act can be devised to be introduced after the next election.

The article from 680 News stated:

A seniors lobby group is calling on the federal government to add the offence of elder abuse to the Criminal Code. 
The call comes as a Toronto couple stands accused of forcing a 68-year-old woman to spend four months living in a freezing garage. 
The woman's 43-year-old son and 28-year-old daughter-in-law have been denied bail. They've been remanded in custody until their next appearance in court on March 15. 
CARP spokesperson Susan Eng said doctors or caregivers should be obligated to report any signs of abuse, like they do for child and domestic abuse. 
"There should be some kind of duty to report when they see something going on, and we need to have some kind of investigative support for police officers who have to investigate these crimes," she said.
Eng also said our seniors should not be considered disposable. 
"We don't have an ice-float mentality here, and we're not about to start one," she said.

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