Friday, March 11, 2011

Idaho Senate passes SB 1070 by 31 to 2 clarifying the criminal code concerning assisted suicide

An article in the Idaho Statesman reported today on the vote on the Idaho Senate on bill SB 1070, the bill that clarifies in the Idaho criminal code that assisted suicide is illegal. Bill SB 1070 passed by a vote of 31 to 2 in the Idaho Senate.

My previous article reported that SB 1070 was unanimously supported in the Idaho Senate Affairs committee.

The article stated:
After a sober and emotional debate, the Idaho Senate on Friday passed a bill making assisted suicide a felony punishable by 5 years in prison on a 31 - 2 vote Friday.

Idaho Senator Russ Fulcher (R - Meridian) who sponsored the bill, told the media that now the bill will go to the house.

The senators who voted against the bill were Sen. Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise, and Sen. Diane Bilyeu, D-Pocatello who stated that the measure goes too far.

Bill SB 1070 is supported by the Idaho Medical Association. The bill clearly states that withholding or withdrawing medical treatment and the aggressive use of pain management drugs are not assisted suicide and are not discouraged by the bill.

The bill clarifies that intentionally prescribing a lethal dose or counseling a person to commit suicide is a crime in Idaho.

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