Friday, September 12, 2008

Suicide rate goes down in Quebec

The Province of Quebec has long been known for having one of the highest suicide rates in the world. In 2001 a program was instituted to reduce the suicide rate.

Since then the suicide rate has dropped 65% among 15 - 19 year old teens and 50% among the 20 - 24 year old people.

A massive prevention program that included buttons and posters was implemented with a simple but disarmingly direct slogan: Suicide is not an option.

Even though the suicide rate in Quebec is at a 25 year low, it remains one of the highest suicide rates in the industrialized world.

The suicide rate remains unchanged among people above the age of 50 in Quebec.

Bruno Marchand, a guidance counselor at Saint-Foy Junior College in Quebec City who had instituted a very successful suicide prevention program stated:
"It's a failure for society every time an individual commits suicide. To me it's a terrible tragedy, a failure of society. Each time it happened to us, our community lost a part of its soul.

"The battle is just starting," Marchand said, "but now at least there are people who talk about it. If we keep it up, it has got to be positive."

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