Friday, September 19, 2008

Jenning commits suicide rather than go to jail.

Caren Jenning (75) decided that suicide was better than jail.

Jenning had terminal cancer that had spread to her bones.

Dr. Philip Nitscke, the leader of exit international, a group that Jenning belonged to, confirmed that she died on Thursday evening, a death that he stated was inevitable.

Jenning was awaiting sentencing for being an accessory before the fact to the death of Graeme Wylie.

Mr Wylie, 71, died in March 2006 from an overdose of the veterinarian drug Nembutal, which Jenning had illegally imported from Mexico the previous month. The drug was given to him by his partner, Shirley Justins, who was convicted of his manslaughter.

Jenning admitted to travelling to Mexico to obtain the drug.

Supposedly Jenning committed suicide by taking some of the remaining Nembutal that had been purchased for Wylie's death.

Nitscke stated:
The timing was being determined by what was hanging over her with the possible sentence. She knew she would lose her option (suicide) if she was put in prison.

Nitschke claims that Jenning had stated:
'I'm not going to die in jail, so I'm going to take a pre-emptive step.'

I mourn the death of Jenning. I believe that the law was properly applied and needs to be upheld, but I do not wish any malace for people who maintain a false compassion by believing that killing is a form of care

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herakleitos1 said...

Great comments from Mark Tedeschi QC reported in today's Sydney Morning Herald on Jenning:

'However, he said Jenning had been more criminally responsible than Justins because she knew Mr Wylie was no longer capable of making his own decisions. She had been a criminal and "an out-and-out liar", who had "manufactured evidence" and "never accepted the slightest moral or criminal responsibility" for her role in Mr Wylie's death.

She had accepted money from Justins to go to Mexico to buy the Nembutal for Mr Wylie and herself, he said.

"She got a free trip to Mexico to buy her own drugs as well, which we now know she lied about in the witness box," Justice Howie said.'

Interesting contrast to the heroine status afforded her by the crook Nitschke