Saturday, February 13, 2021

Canada's euthanasia and assisted suicide law has led to abuse. Do you have a story to share?

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This CCC ad was published in the National Post and Toronto Sun on Feb 13, 2021.

MAiD (euthanasia and assisted suicide) was sold to Canadians as an act of compassion to relieve the suffering of the terminally ill, but it has led to abuses.

Alan Nichols died by MAiD because of depression. Alan’s family begged the doctors to re-evaluate their decision as they knew Alan was just experiencing a relapse of his depression.

Roger Foley, who lives with a neurological condition, was urged by a hospital to “choose” MAiD in which they cited the cost of his home care.

“Madeline” was debating choosing MAiD because she can’t afford her medication or physiotherapy and other resources to live.

Some have considered ending their lives for economic reasons to help their families, knowing that their life insurance will still be paid out under MAiD.

The Government is now planning to pass Bill C-7, which dismantles current safeguards and will allow life ending interventions for those with mental illnesses or disabilities even if they haven’t had access to treatment.

Many leaders across different Canadian groups, including rabbis, indigenous leaders and all national disability advocacy groups have condemned Bill C-7 as dangerous for Canadians.

Internationally, the U.N. special rapporteur on the rights of persons with disability has said Canada is failing its obligations.

Have you had a negative experience with MAiD? 

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Unknown said...


Alex Schadenberg said...

There is no political party per se, but most of the Conservatives have voted against euthanasia. In 2016, nearly all of the Conservatives voted against legalizing euthanasia and in 2020 15 Conservatives voted for Bill C-7 and all the rest voted against.

Anonymous said...

Unknown & Alex,
There is indeed a Canadian federal party that opposes medically assisted suicide. Big media likes to keep their existence a secret. They are all for protecting life, rights and freedoms of Canadians. They believe in the traditional values, ethics, and common sense that made Canada a great nation. In an age where dangerous absurdities abound in all other parties, they are the only sensible party remaining in Canada. They are called the Christian Heritage Party. Their web page on life and family is at
Please browse their entire web site and support them in the next election.

Anonymous said...

There is another Political party you can consider. Big media likes to keep their existence a secret too. People Party Of Canada ie PPC, is all for less government and more individual rights. They have a better chance of getting in compared to Christian Heritage Party. Their website is

Alex Schadenberg said...

I don't normally publish Anonymous comments, but Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People's Party is pro-euthanasia and stated after the Truchon decision that he made a mistake when he voted against Bill C-14. So I guess they are also a no go.