Friday, June 21, 2019

Disabled man feeling pressured to "ask" for euthanasia

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

I was contacted by man with a disability, who was telling me how he was feeling pressured to ask for euthanasia. After explaining his concerns he sent me this email comment:
I am living in the advanced stages of quadriplegia, now 33 years along. I am feeling the suggestive influence from my nursing care, regarding euthanasia. They use indirect pressure by speaking about other patients who have chosen the path of assisted death, unsolicited from me. I am worried about Canadian laws, so anti-life, and I don't ever want to end my life. I didn't choose when I was born, and I won't choose when I die. Another thing that concerns me is as these evil laws progress against the vulnerable like myself, when will this newfound right to die become the duty or obligation to die? I can see it coming...
People talk about "freedom, choice and autonomy" without realizing how these concepts only apply to euthanasia in theory. In reality, it is the doctor or nurse practitioner who decides if you should die by euthanasia and many doctors and nurse practitioners judge the equality of people with significant disabilities.

Candice Lewis with her mother.
Candice Lewis was also pressured to "ask" for assisted death (Link to the Candice Lewis story and interview) and Roger Foley also experienced the, not so subtle pressure, to ask for an assisted death (Link to the Roger Foley story).

Euthanasia is sold to the public based on theory. The lives of People with disabilities are often judged based on "quality of life" perceptions of the person who lives with disabilities. These perceptions of quality of life can be deadly.

This is why the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) sells the Life Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care for $10 + taxes.

The Life Protecting Power of Attorney requires the person you appoint to make medical decisions on your behalf that uphold your values. It protects you from euthanasia and assisted suicide and it defines the treatment/care decisions that you would want, in the event that you are unable to make medical decisions yourself.

Purchase the Life Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care (Link) by contacting EPC at: 1-877-439-3348  or


Nancy said...

Hang in there! And thank you for your article!

pchetcuti said...

Thanks for promoting the sacredness and dignity of all human life, especially that of the vulnerable. Thanks for offering to support a vulnerable person by offering the opportunity of entrusting the power of attorney to a person of trust to defend the will and values of the vulnerable person threatened by forced euthanasia. But could not this be done without putting a price on the service? Why do you have to bring money into it? Smells funny to me. A vulnerable person needs to be protected and defended without anything like commerce coming into the picture? Can't we just defend life in a cleaner way?

Alex Schadenberg said...

What are you talking about. The Life Protecting Power of Attorney is $10 + tax. That is not fundraising, but rather offering a service. Believe me, we do not exist on $10.

MDoubleH said...

Well said Alex! I think we need to remember that there is NOTHING WRONG and nothing "funny smelling" about charging a very small fee ($10 is more than reasonable) for the POA package. POA arrangements can be made for A LOT MORE MONEY through a public trustee/ guardianship arrangement if one wishes. However after seeing the documentary "Edith and Eddie" I think public guardianship may not necessarily be the best option. Keep up the good work EPC!!

Tershia said...

It disgusts me to read that these merchants of death use "Quality of Life" as a justification for killing people.
Who are they to decide what quality of life means for others! They are playing God and will one day experience that "it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God"

Anonymous said...

We all saw this coming. Euthanasia targets the vulnerable ie the disabled. This is disgusting. I was born disabled (Profoundly Deaf) and I love my life. My struggles have made me stronger. How dare Euthanasia pushers tell us that our lives have no value. The disabled need to speak up and rally together.