Thursday, November 1, 2018

Nova Scotia woman's death is part of a campaign to expand euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Audrey Parker, who has been working with the euthanasia lobby group, Dying with Dignity, is promoting the extension of euthanasia to people who are incompetent, but made a previous request, is scheduled to die by euthanasia today.

Parker argues that she is dying early because if she became incompetent, she will not qualify for euthanasia in Canada. Parker has been speaking to the media and lobbying the government to extend euthanasia to people in Canada who are incompetent, but made a previous request for euthanasia (MAiD).

The Canadian Press reported that Dying with Dignity will be promoting a bill, known as Audrey's Law, to extend euthanasia to incompetent people who made a previous request. The CP report states:

She also cited the proposed text for a bill, drafted by Dying with Dignity Canada, which she said is now being described as "Audrey's Law."
The problem with the concept of euthanasia for incompetent people who previously requested it is that people will add a euthanasia clause to their advanced directive when they are in fear of the future. When they are actually in that situation, they are legally unable to change their mind.

A woman with dementia, in the Netherlands, was euthanized, even though she resisted. The doctor put a sedative in her coffee, but she still resisted, so the doctor had her family hold her down while injecting her.

According to the facts of the case:

  • The woman had dementia and was incapable of asking for euthanasia, 
  • The declaration in her will was not clear, 
  • She stated several times that she did not want to die, 
  • She was not informed that a sedative was put in her coffee,
  • Her family held her down so the doctor could lethally inject her.
  • The Regional Review Committee found that it was done in "good faith."
When the euthanasia lobby promotes euthanasia for incompetent people it proves that choice is an illusion. Choice is the banner only used when they are trying to legalize euthanasia. 

Incompetent people cannot choose or consent to their previous request and it is impossible to know if they still want to die by lethal injection.


Della said...

That is completely horrific and that woman was murdered.

Emilyette said...

That is disgusting. I knew this is what they wanted to do as soon as they mentioned 'helping people' die. Now they can kill whoever they like. The NWO is happening at an alarming rate. ………………….[peggy