Sunday, June 17, 2018

California appeals court re-instates assisted suicide law.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

On Friday, June 15, the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Riverside County California, issued a stay of the assisted suicide law to once again permit doctors to prescribe lethal drugs in California.

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The Associated Press reported that the plaintiffs in the case have until July 2 to object to the decision of the court of appeals. 

On May 15, Judge Daniel Ottolia overturned the California assisted suicide law by ruling in Ahn vs. Hestrin that the legislature acted outside the scope of its authority when it enacted the End of Life Option Act in 2015.
California passed the state's assisted suicide law in a special health care funding session, in 2015, after the legislature failed to pass the assisted suicide bill in its regular session. Judge Ottolia, held that:
“the End of Life Option Act does not fall within the scope of access to healthcare services,” and that it “is not a matter of health care funding.”
On May 23, the Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld the decision by Judge Ottolia  ensuring that assisted suicide remained prohibited in California.
On May 30, Judge Ottolia refused to vacate the decision, that the California assisted suicide law was unconstitutionally enacted.

Bill McMorris reported in the Washington Free Beacon that:

...Riverside Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia rejected a motion to vacate his decision declaring the End of Life Options Act unconstitutional. Assisted suicide supporters Compassion & Choices filed the motion on behalf of two terminally ill patients, as well as a doctor who prescribes lethal medication.
Since the California's assisted suicide law was instituted in an unconstitutional manner, therefore the decision by the Fourth District Court of Appeals to stay the decision needs to be appealed immediately. 
California citizens deserve to have their lives protected from assisted suicide and they deserve to have the rule of law respected.

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Unknown said...

Please read the Hippocratic Oath, that doctors historically take. Please see the part about not helping a patient commit suicide or cause intentional harm. After reading this, how is the California assisted suicide law consistent with this oath?
"The Hippocratic Oath
In the presence of the Almighty, I promise that I will fulfill this Oath to the best of my ability.
Those who have taught me the art of Medicine I will respect, and will seek to faithfully impart my knowledge to those who also accept this covenant and to whom I am a mentor.
I will always seek the physical and emotional well-being of my patients, according to my ability and judgment, being careful to cause no intentional harm.
I will not help a patient to commit suicide, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly, I will not help a woman obtain an elective abortion. In purity and holiness I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, carefully guarding my role as a healer.
When indicated, I will seek the counsel of those with appropriate special skills for the treatment of my patient.
I will always act for the benefit of the sick, treating all with professional and moral integrity, with respect and dignity. I will avoid all sexual involvement with my patients.
Those things that I learn from or about my patients in confidence, I will hold in strict confidence.
May I be found faithful to these promises and may I enjoy the practice of my art, being respected as one who is dedicated to the healing of the sick."