Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sign and Share our Petition: No Assisted Suicide in California.

Sign our petition: Saying NO to assisted suicide. (Link).

Be a part of the growing movement opposing assisted suicide. Join our petition to California Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Xavier Becerra urging them to protect Californians from assisted suicide and provide patents with the proper medical care.

On May 15, Riverside County Superior Court Judge, Daniel Ottolia overturned the California assisted suicide law (End of Life Option Act) by ruling that the legislature acted outside the scope of its authority when it legalized assisted suicide.

California passed the assisted suicide law in 2015 within a special health care funding session after the legislature failed to pass the assisted suicide bill in its normal session.
Judge Ottolia, ruled that “the End of Life Option Act does not fall within the scope of access to healthcare services,” and that it “is not a matter of health care funding.”

On May 23, the Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld Judge Ottolia's decision.

Therefore, the California assisted suicide law was passed in an unconstitutional manner.

Now, proponents of assisted suicide are asking leaders in California to support a new law aimed at legalizing assisted suicide.

Sign our petition: Saying NO to assisted suicide. (Link).

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