Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fatal Flaws Film: "She was euthanized without consent (in the Netherlands). They decided."

The Fatal Flaws film (Spring 2018) questions the long term effects of assisted death laws on society.

Euthanasia is being debated in Australia and several US states are debating assisted suicide. Political leaders and decision makers need to see this film clip.

The most shocking story in Fatal Flaws comes from Margreet whose mother was euthanized in the Netherlands without consent. Please watch and share this film clip.

Kevin Dunn traveled to the Netherlands, throughout the United States and Canada to interview people with personal stories concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide laws.

Purchase the DVD or pamphlets include taxes and shipping: All orders can be made online (Link).
  • DVD: $30 each, 2 for $50, or 10 for $200.
  • DVD: online download $30 US (Link).
  • Pamphlets: $30 for 100, 200 for $50.
  • You can purchase Fatal Flaws as a download through VIMEO ON DEMAND for $30 US. (Link).
The first video, The Euthanasia Deception, continues to be an incredible success. We need you to enable Fatal Flaws to also be an incredible success.

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