Monday, January 12, 2015

Human Error led to Euthanasia of Rescued dogs.

By Alex Schadenberg
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

NBC news has reported that the Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is investigating the accidental deaths of four rescued dogs by euthanasia.

I have rarely commented on the euthanasia of animals, but this case outlines the reality of legalizing euthanasia for humans. In case you ask, we have a beautiful golden-doodle at home.

The news story states that four Aussie mix dogs were to be placed in foster homes after being rescued from a possible hoarding situation but died by euthanasia instead, two days later, on New Year's day.

Dr Cate McManus, the operations manager for DAS stated:
"These lives were lost as a result of human error,"
Jody Jones a manager at DAS stated in a news conference:
"There are safeguards within the daily intake procedures and outcome procedures for the division that would have safeguarded against these animals from being inappropriately euthanized," 
"If they had been followed, to the changes that have been made, then yes these animals would still be alive today."
The NBC news article concluded:

It's unclear if any employees involved could face discipline for the mistake. A final and full report is expected after city human resources gets involved.
It is tragic that these dogs died by euthanasia, by accident, and that safeguads were not followed.
Pietro D'Amico

The reality is that in jurisdictions were euthanasia of humans is legal, abuse of the law, human error and euthanasia without consent occurs.

In April 2013, The Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Basel Switzerland assisted the suicide death of Pietro D’Amico, a 62-year-old magistrate from Calabria in southern Italy, after D'Amico received a wrong diagnosis.

The Netherlands five year euthanasia law report that was published in the Lancet (July 2012) found that 310 assisted deaths occurred without request and 23% of the assisted deaths were not reported.

If euthanasia is legalized, human error and assisted deaths without request will occur.

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide is not safe.

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