Friday, June 27, 2014

Victory in New Jersey: Assisted Suicide Bill Lacks Support.

By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

New Jersey Assisted Suicide Bill A2270 was pulled in the New Jersey State Assembly on the day that the PolitickerNJ published an article by disability rights leader, John Kelly titled: Assisted Suicide: Just Too Dangerous.

Sign the Declaration of Hope to oppose assisted suicide in America. reported that the State Assembly did not vote on the assisted suicide bill because, John Burzichelli (D-Gloucester) the sponsor of the bill could not find enough votes to get it passed but that he would bring Assisted Suicide Bill A2270 back in the fall session.

Last week, New Jersey Governor Christie, stated that he would veto the assisted suicide bill.

John Kelly
Kelly, the regional coordinator for Not Dead Yet stated in his article that:
Similar bills have been submitted all over the Northeast, and they sound good at first – who’s against relieving suffering, who opposes personal autonomy? Health and Senior Services committee chair Herb Conaway summed it up before his yes vote, "People have the right to self-determination.”

But a closer look reveals the opposite – these bills inevitably and ineradicably compromise personal autonomy. And of the more people learn about these bills, the more they oppose them. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut each rejected assisted suicide bills this session.
With respect to the lives of people with disabilities, Kelly stated:
In the disability community, everyone knows people who have been labeled “terminal,” it’s actually a bit of a joke. Morristown’s Dawn Teresa Parkot's testified at the hearing on A2270 that doctors predicted she would be "a mindless vegetable ... lucky to survive to age 5." Parkot spoke of her bachelor degrees in computer science and engineering, and said, "Often patients are misdiagnosed and could make an irreversible decision to die based on the wrong information."
The article referred to the opposition by the disability rights community to assisted suicide:
Disability advocates, fearing the legislation could be manipulated to prematurely end patients' lives, turned out in force to testify against the bill when it passed the Assembly Health and Senior Citizens Committee earlier this month.
The article concluded by stating that Burzichelli remains committed to legalizing assisted suicide.

The New Jersey Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide is also committed to protecting New Jersey citizens from assisted suicide.


Winston said...

Every politician who votes against this bill should be kidnapped and tortured until they turn 150.

Anything less would be unwarranted mercy.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Winston: Your comments show the world how caring a person that you are. No one would wish for you to be kidnapped and tortured, why would you wish that on others.

Once again, this message shows your state of mind and how dangerous you are.

Winston said...

Alex, if you didn't want people to be tortured, you wouldn't force them to live against their will.

Apparently, torture is just plain fine if a disease does it.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Another ridiculous comment by Winston.

Winston said...

So the pain of cancer doesn't reach torture proportions? Even when palliative care fails?

Alex Schadenberg said...

Winston: Please read:

Also, please read: