Monday, April 14, 2014

Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario will vote on a Pro-Euthanasia Resolution at May 1 - 3 AGM

All RNAO members need to attend this historic RNAO AGM to oppose this resolution.  
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RNAO members can vote against this resolution online between April 15 - 30.

Non-members can voice their opposition to this resolution (contact link).

RN Voice in National Discussion Regarding End-of-Life Care

Submitted by: RNAO Board of Directors

Whereas a national discussion is underway regarding end-of-life care with specific emphasis on ‘dying with dignity’ which involves a review of assisted suicide and/or euthanasia; and

Whereas the final decision on permitting assisted suicide and/or euthanasia rests with the public; and

Whereas there is support from all three provincial political parties to engage in a discussion regarding end-of-life care; and

Whereas RNAO is being asked by stakeholders and media to comment on this issue;

Therefore Be It Resolved That RNAO urge the provincial and federal governments to engage in formal public dialogue on end of life issues and dying with dignity, including discussions, related to assisted suicide and/or euthanasia; and

Therefore Be It Further Resolved That the following principles be considered when discussing assisted suicide and/or euthanasia:
● Personal autonomy and justice are fundamental principles
● Ensuring timely access to evidence-based palliative care must remain a top priority
● The government must reject calls for involuntary euthanasia
● Assisted suicide and/or euthanasia must never be considered within the context of cost-savings
● Procedural safeguards must be enacted, including:
○ Restricting assisted suicide and/or euthanasia to competent adults with terminal illness;
○ Requiring that requests for assisted suicide and/or euthanasia be initiated by the person seeking the service and would be subject to a thorough review process that includes: independent confirmation on terminal illness; determination of capacity by a mental health-care professional (with appeal to the Consent and Capacity Board); providing access to all reasonable alternatives and establishing a waiting period.
● The practice of assisted suicide and/or voluntary active euthanasia must be restricted to professionals who have sought designated education and training.
● No health professional or organization should be required to participate in assisted suicide and/or voluntary active euthanasia.
● A provincial monitoring and reporting system must be developed, including a process for responding to complaints.
This resolution on End-of-Life Care contradicts the RNAO policy concerning Patient Safety.

Links to articles related to nursing and euthanasia:
● Legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide is not safe. Patient safety must come first.
American nursing association opposes assisted suicide.
● Nursing ethics and euthanasia.
● Quebec nurses and palliative care leaders so no to euthanasia.
Belgium nurses are involved with euthanasia without request - nearly half of the time.
Research article confirms that Belgian euthanasia law is abused.


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Anonymous said...

I haven't been a member of RNAO for many years but I do support your resolution and would vote in its favour.

Elizabeth Rankin BScN

Fizzio70 said...

It doesn`t matter how strictly the rules are written to prevent euthanasia with non-terminal diagnoses, there are ways around them, as we`ve seen in many jurisdictions and with other procedures(abortions). There can be NO support for euthanasia. There MUST BE better palliative care support given.
Karen Yantha-former Physiotherapist

Anonymous said...
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Patricia said...

Please don't pass this motion. Euthanasia, assisted suicide are contrary to what nurses have always been known and trusted for. Helping patients live their lives , helping patients in their healing. Helping people die with dignity has always meant giving comfort, alleviating pain, but never causing death. Life has always been revered and something to cherish. Euthanasia will be impossible to moderate once that door has opened. Abuses by all concerned are possible and indeed have been documented in the few countries where it is legal. You know it will be the nurses who will have this delegated to them by the doctors. If euthanasia is endorsed and passed by the RNAO, and subsequently passed by the Canadian govt. we can kiss better palliative care goodbye. Costs, elderly perceiving themselves a burden will feel pressured by society, to make things "easier" for the family. We can improve care by improving palliative care, elder care, psychiatric care. Killing is not caring.

Long term care - Calgary said...

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what the results of the vote are. I hope that the RN’s really had a say toward their opinion.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Sadly, the meeting occurred and the members were not given a vote or given an option to change the resolution.

Typical way of controlling the agenda to avoid opposition.