Friday, December 6, 2013

Quebec euthanasia bill (Bill 52) will allow euthanasia tourism.

An article written by Graeme Hamilton and published in the national post examines the issue of how Bill 52, the Quebec euthanasia bill, will allow euthanasia tourism.

Bill 52, that would decriminalize euthanasia in Quebec, is not concerned with protecting vulnerable from being killed, the bill is a radical pro-euthanasia bill that is focused on killing as many people as possible. Bill 52 is based on the Belgium euthanasia law.

The article quotes Yves Bolduc, the former Quebec Liberal health minister as stating:

“We are certainly going to have people from other provinces who will come here, who will stay for a certain time — more than three months — precisely to have medical aid in dying,” he said during hearings this week. “We can see that other provinces are a long way from wanting to adopt this measure.”
Bolduc explains how Bill 52 allows euthanasia tourism:
To be eligible for a legal lethal injection, patients would need a Quebec medicare card, which is granted to newcomers three months after they move to Quebec.
The article then quotes Stéphanie Vallée, the Liberal MNA for Gatineau said:
many people from Ontario have country homes in her riding across the border from Ottawa. She said their secondary residences in Quebec could easily become primary residences if that was what it took to be eligible for what the bill calls medical aid in dying.
Veronique Hivon, the junior health minister in the Quebec government said:
the requirement of a Quebec medicare card is intended to guard against “medical tourism” of the sort that has emerged in European countries where euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal.
The Federal government must legally challenge Bill 52 before the courts. Bill 52 is unconstitutional, it seeks to extend euthanasia nationally, and it is in the interest of the federal government to protect every Canadian from having death imposed on them.

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