Thursday, February 9, 2012

Satire - Brain Dead teen euthanized.

brain dead teen
 Not Dead Yet blogged this satirical video on euthanasia.

The video is about a twelve year old girl who only rolls her eyes, texts on her phone and logs onto facebook. She is referred to as "brain dead" and her parents decide to euthanize her. Link to the video.

The video is worth watching. The video isn't as far fetched as some people would think if you consider the implications of the Dutch euthanasia lobby starting these mobile euthanasia teams. The comments about organ donation are sadly accurate, if you consider the fact that in Belgium, protocols enable a person to donate their organs / euthanasia.

This is what Not Dead Yet wrote about the video:
I'm pretty sure that the writers aren't taking a position on euthanasia here, but doing what satirists do best; they've taken a well-known, overused, emotionally manipulative and predictable script - and then twisted the context. 
I apologize for the lack of captioning, but I couldn't pass this up. If there's a good transcriptionist reading this, I promise you gratitude and credit if you want to transcribe this and send the transcript for posting. 
So - for those of you who've followed NDY and enjoy satire, enjoy the video. For pro-euthanasia advocates who've checked in to see what we're up to, prepare to be offended by the video story below.
Link to the U-Tube video.

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