Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Massachussetts has been chosen to have the next assisted suicide Initiative in 2012 election.

The Death With Dignity Coalition has launched an assisted suicide initiative for the November 2012 election in Massachussets.

The states of Oregon and Washington legalized assisted suicide via a citizens initiatives. The most recent campaign was the I-1000 initiative (November 2008) that resulted in the legalization of assisted suicide in Washington State.

The I-1000 initiative resulted in the suicide lobby focussing all of their fundraising and people resources on the Washington state campaign. The suicide lobby was able to outspend the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide by nearly a $4 to $1 ratio.

The laws in Oregon and Washington have been promoted by the suicide lobby as good laws. It is important to read between the lines in both states, to uncover what is really going on in those states. Link

The media release from the Death With Dignity Coalition states:
"The Massachusetts Death with Dignity Act is currently pending approval by the Attorney General’s office before signatures must be collected for placement on the 2012 ballot. The review process will be completed by early September."

My previous blog post explains the rules that will need to be followed by the suicide lobby to get this initiative on the November 2012 ballot.

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