Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vancouver man found guilty of aiding suicide.

Paul Adrian Fraser (21) was found guilty of aiding the suicide death of Robbie Milot (19) who shot himself to death on Easter Sunday in North Vancouver.

Fraser traded Milot, a personal friend, his shotgun in return for a BMW, knowing that Milot intended to use the shotgun to commit suicide.

Michael Murphy, a roommate of Fraser, and a childhood friend of Milot was a key witness for the Crown.

The article from Canwest News Service states that:
Fraser wanted to call off the deal when he saw that the BMW was an SUV and not a sports car.

Milot broke down and cried and asked Fraser to just take the vehicle and he requested that he be taken into the forest and killed. Fraser agreed to take the vehicle, but then Milot was upset that the weapon was a shotgun instead of a handgun.

Fraser told Milot that he could kill himself with the shotgun. Fraser hugged Milot and said to him, see you on the other side, I love you man' and then left the scene with Murphy.

Milot then killed himself.

After a week-long trial, the jury found Fraser guilty of aiding the suicide of Milot and possessing a stolen vehicle. Fraser was also found guilty of assault causing bodily harm in an action Fraser took against Murphy. The charge of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose was stayed.

Prosecutor Phillip Sebellin said outside the court that he would be seeking a jail term against Fraser in addition to the time he has already served. The maximum penalty for aiding a suicide is 14 years in jail.

Daniel Markovitz, the lawyer for Fraser stated: "I expected a different result."

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