Monday, April 7, 2008

Sebire's refusal of effective medical treatment

When I first heard about the case of Chantal Sébire, I was mystified that her condition was so extreme. Since I was not informed of her personal condition I assumed that her tumors were inoperable.

Now I learn that Sébire had constantly refused treatment for her condition that would have likely returned her to a healthy condition. Nearing the end of her life, Sébire was suffering from significantly painful conditions but she continued to even refuse treatment for pain. Morphine would have effectively controlled most of her painful symptoms.

Sébire had the right to refuse medical treatment, and I would never argue otherwise, but it is disingenuous to refuse effective medical treatment or care and then claim to the public that you need to die by euthanasia because there was nothing that could be done for you.

Similar issues were central to the Latimer case. Robert said that the only way to stop Tracy Latimer’s suffering was to kill her. In fact, Robert had a phobia with medical treatment. This may be why the Latimer’s refused to have a feeding tube for Tracy and the reason why Robert finally refused surgery on Tracy’s hip by gassing her to death in his pick-up truck.

Just the facts.

French Euthanasia Case Rumbles On
By Bruce Crumley/Paris, Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2008

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