Tuesday, November 22, 2022

People on disability benefits are applying for euthanasia (MAiD) based on poverty.

This letter was sent to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition by Sean Lewis.

I am an Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) client so I know 100 percent how crazy the system is, lack of support, etc. The recent letter from the Arch Disability Law Center sought a Public Hearing on Canada’s MAiD Law at International Human Rights Body. I'm sure they are aware that MAiD for mental illness begins in March 2023 and the government is debating what to do with mature minors now.

Is the government listening?

In an extremely high percentage of cases most people with disabilities are "choosing" MAiD because of poverty. Just one example people are getting approximately $1200 dollars a month from ODSP when the average 1 bedroom apartment is $1700 - 2000 a month. I just heard, the other day, on the news rent is set to increase again in the new year. I have read all the other horror stories too (people not being able to get homecare, housing) "choosing" MAiD.

You may have also seen Trudo Lemmens in the news who said he warned the government that not increasing supports but expanding MAiD this drastically was a human rights violation. It's at 7:38 of the below newsclip video (Link to the Newsclip). He mentions how even the countries, like the Netherlands, who are very liberal have stronger safeguards. They make sure people aren't doing it because of poverty, etc. I guess the other countries give better disability supports then us.

Unless it's got any better in the last few years, I was shocked to see the lack of support also from ODSP employment support providers. I'm not sure if it's true the opportunities fund for persons with disabilities? The wage subsidy program? I heard the employers would be sent people by an ODSP employment supports provider, then once the wage subsidy ran out the employer used the seasonal only excuse to the employee then scrapped them and then hired the next batch of ODSP clients shortly after, then would repeat again. The ODSP employment supports providers also get paid, the employer saved money, and the person with the disability got fired.

I have seen many people on YouTube comment how as they are all for helping other countries (ie: Ukraine). Is the government ever going to help Canadians with disabilities? Some people say if another war broke out somewhere else, they would send another 2 Billion to that place. In other words, people with disabilities seem to be the absolute last group that they want to fund.

Some people leave YouTube comments wondering if this really is for cost savings vs fixing the problem. After all, if it was truly because of compassion, people with disabilities' would be getting drastically improved support so most would not want MAiD, right? Some people think that since our OHIP is also getting so bad, baby boomers are suddenly getting old and sick by the thousands, that this is a big reason why MAiD was expanded so much. So basically, how much money you have determines if you live, some argue.

Another thing is the sad reality of discrimination. If a hiring manager sees someone walking with a cane or who appears slow, sadly they will probably choose someone else. Most cases managers are trained to look for who looks most physically and mentally fit. Many managers aren't fully educated in the duty to accommodate either (or forget sometimes when there hiring). Same thing applies to landlords looking for new tenants.

The last and final thing is that Premier Ford announced anyone on disability who is willing to work can now keep more money (Link to news article).

However, the ODSP action coalition tweeted that the majority of people on ODSP cannot work so how will this help them. Only 5 percent of the people on ODSP are in the workforce. There is a small percentage of people on ODSP who have jobs, whose disability may not be as severe as others, and may be able to do something if helped.

I will give you just two last examples of quick clips from the news. The first lady her intestines are missing (Link to news video), and the second is a man who is disabled from a back injury and all he does all day long is take care of his severe pain. A lot of people on ODSP have issues similar to this how are they expected to be able to adhere to a job with a strict schedule?

Sean Lewis
Brampton Ontario

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Anonymous said...

Will this madness ever stop are we willingly going to let people kill themselves or have someone else legally murder them
Because they don’t have enough to live on.How did society get so crippled in their minds that they actually could think euthanasia was a solution for fixable problems that we would kill our weakest links rather than provide for them or help them provide for themselves.Come on Canada wake up let’s choose godly government not government representative that would kill its people rather than find away to provide for them.We are going backwards we are abhorrent at what Putin is doing to the Ukrainian people but here in Canada we are encouraging our weak to take their lives because we are unwilling to help them .First we started killing our babies then our elderly now those struggling with mental illness .Hoe can we say we are a progressive nation when we cannot provide for the weak and vulnerable population .It abhorrent and evil we will go down in history and it us coming soon.What kind of example are we to our children no wonder so many young people have turned to suicide because we have shown them that they are expendable because we have not protected are weakest.Let’s stop this barbaric practices and choose life let’s lead the world in protecting lives not destroying them. You are each loved by your Heavenly Father you were created in the image of God your are not an animal you are a living loving spirit and you are so loved by God and His Son Jesus Christ choose Christ and choose life because you are beautiful and you are a blessing and you were created for love to be loved and to give love blessings Marlyen

Unknown said...

In my opinion, I believe that those who promote MAiD have never had to fight for their own lives, never had to overcome a disparity or unethical treatment at the hand of anyone else in which they had to fight for their right to live. If giving in to euthanasia or assisted death is so great and desirable, why did Derek Humphry refuse it for himself at 90 and have open heart surgery, and who paid for that? Did C&C or George Soros? Those who are most adamant about killing others are least likely to give in to the atrocity they want to inflict upon others. They are also least likely to constructively dialogue on the subject, which just goes to show their lack of real commitment to the plight of others - just their own power trip to control.

I understand that not every Canadian, Dutch, Belgian, Washington Stater, Oregonian, Coloradans, Californians etc agrees with MAiD. But I personally am not comfortable buying goods from states or countries that endorse MAiD, and I conduct no purchases or do as little business as possible with those areas. That is my personal decision, but I invite others to consider the same. Perhaps it may influence the residents of those to put pressure on their legislators to change the laws.

Dcn William Orazio Gallerizzo