Thursday, June 23, 2022

20 year-old BC Man with undiagnosed condition is approved for euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Sign the petition: Eric Coulam: We urge you to Never Give Up the fight to live! (Link).
Eric Coulam with his grandmother
The story of Eric Coulam, a 20 year-old living in Fort St John BC, who has been approved for MAiD (euthanasia) even though he has an undiagnosed condition is very upsetting.

As reported by Jessica Mundie for the National Post:
In 2013, shortly after Coulam lost his mother to suicide, his health began to decline. It started with a stomach ache, said Suski, but it progressed to something much worse.

Coulam has been living with an undiagnosed gastrointestinal condition which has led to multiple hospital stays, liver and kidney disease, and severe chronic pain. He has visited countless doctors and endured many months in hospitals but has yet to get a diagnosis.

After struggling for almost a decade, Coulam, who now lives in Fort St. John, B.C., has decided to get medical assistance in dying, known also as MAID. He is 20 years old.
Coulam's approval to die by euthanasia is one of the many horrific parts of this story. It appears that he was also medically mismanaged. Mundie reported:
In an interview with a local Fort St. John news site, Coulam discussed his health journey. He said he visited a doctor who performed a scope to investigate his intestine. The doctor encountered a blockage, but Coulam said they did not tell him to take any medications or phone a gastrointestinal doctor.

A couple of days later, he went back for another scope and doctors encountered the same issue.

Eventually, after continuing to eat, his stomach ruptured as the food could not pass through his intestines. The rupture caused fluid in his intestines to enter his bloodstream, leading him to enter septic shock and go into a coma for around two weeks.
Sign the petition: Eric Coulam: We urge you to Never Give Up the fight to live! (Link).
This is a tragic story. Coulam has a grandmother who dearly loves him and told the national post:
“I lost his mom,” she said, through tears. “And now I’ll be losing him.
Legalizing euthanasia (MAiD) has led to so many horrific stories. As a human being I am emotionally affected by this story.

If I had contact with Eric I would urge him and his grandmother to live as near as possible. Her comments were very heartfelt and truly loving.

I urge Eric to continue to live and I challenge him to not give up, even if his goal is solely oriented to finding an answer to his health problems, rather than being killed.


Kathleen1031 said...

A tragic story made more tragic by the people around him and closest to him.
He has not been diagnosed. Therefore he may have something that could be treated allowing him to live with good life quality. The doctors he saw did not help him, but only hurt him.
He should have come to the US to get diagnosed. Go to a clinic such as the Mayo Clinic. Yes it costs money to go but there are doctors who will help in hardship cases. They will diagnose you.Then you can get proper treatment.
He has taken the mindset that he is going out on his terms and that is a win. Small win, you're still dead. And, you skipped over God, thinking you could. This boy has been shortchanged, his mother took her easy way out, leaving him to deal with the consequences. Horrible. On some level it is a tremendously selfish decision. He has suffered and that is terrible too, but he might look at his grandmother and realize, she needs him.
His friend blocks any counter to his decision, seeing herself as his champion to the grave. With friends like that, it's hard to find a way out for him. Very frustrating.
He is likely to die, but money could have been raised to bring him to the US to LIVE. Too bad nobody thought of that in their efforts to "support him" in his decision.
Be merciful, O Lord, this child hardly had a chance.

CountryDoc said...

Health Care Advocate : There are many excellent GI Specialists in Canada, with our "universal health care". Earlier intervention would have saved the costs of his omplications, not to mention his needless suffering. It used to be a common joke to say that "doctors bury their mistakes". Now the government actively promotes death rather than bearing the cost of our inadequate "social safety net". "MAID Service" is a deliberate lie to sound like a four-star hotel. Lethal Injection is banned in many States as "cruel punishment".

SEA STOPPER (TM) said...

Surely Crowd Funding can assist. Is the world totally compromised by money ? One person's life is a non-refundable item. Those with money need to re-calibrate their so-called spiritual values and know that the forever guiding mystery in the universe is our creator .. . G-D. Helping this boy to get treatment at a specialized facility is like the breath of life one gives to a drowning person or a loved one.

Wealthy agnostics will know of their fate in the transition period based on their deeds in their life-time. `````````````. If you have money and are an agnostic, helping a medically painful and destitute human being, like this boy may assist you later.

navyenduring said...

Country Doc, when I was a hospitalist, I saw many persons with psychological trauma have repeated procedures but what was really occurring was the somatization of trauma as bodily symptoms. I am a psych nurse practitioner and have seen this repeatedly. Trauma is the issue.

Hair Furor said...

Why wasn't he referred to a University hospital for his MAID evaluation? It seems that he's dealing with some possibly incompetent local medical people.

I don't know how badly he's off, gut issues can be agonizing. But if there are potential treatments available he should be offered those in combination with a termination plan.

He or his grandmother or the Euthanasia ombudsman should be getting him a top level second opinion.

Janice said...

Hopefully he didn't go only to the Fort. St. John Hospital (reviews are terrible) and has gone to other hospitals and specialists in either [at least] Vancouver or Edmonton.
There's something wrong with this situation/story why multiple GI problems could not be addressed. Sounds like Diverticulosis that ruptured causing toxic poisoning (e coli/leaky gut).
It must be based on some kind of psychological conclusion.
He's living in an isolated and not a particularly progressive type of community, with probably limited medical care and he and his Grandmother have no clue what options are out there available to him. This is criminal.
Whatever doctor authorized this euthanasia should be the one responsible for seeking medical assistance for him from other sources, not med. assist. to kill himself. said...

Let us pray for a miracle for Eric Coulam and his grandmother through the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Green Scapular prayer): “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, now and at the hour of our death.”

Sean L. Tobin said...

I think I have a pretty good idea what this poor lad is going through. I have a daughter who suffers from ongoing pain in her digestive system. We believe that during one of her earlier operations when part of her Intestine was removed, the operating surgeon closed the rejoined intestine a little too tightly which has resulted in her tremendous pain. But, having seen the surgeon twice, he refuses to acknowledge he might have made a mistake. Now she is scheduled for another operation but by a different surgeon and maybe he will tell us what happened the last time or he will quietly fix the problem in order to protect the reputation of his fellow doctor and surgeon. This happens more often than our doctors are prepared to admit. As far as this particular young man is concerned I recommend, though I know it will be painful, that he fight on.

Anthony said...

"I urge Eric to continue to live and I challenge him to not give up, even if his goal is solely oriented to finding an answer to his health problems, rather than being killed."

What you would do (if you could) is forcibly strip the right to choose from this man and tens of millions in Canada. Thank goodness we don't live in a theocracy like the US and have a right as essential as a right to die.

Anonymous said...

This is truly sad.
This young boy needs immediate medical assistance not assisted
Suicide. The system is broken and needs to be fixed for the sake of every citizen in this country. I pray for a Miracle for this precious boy.

Christiane Konnerth said...

Father I ask that you heal this young man from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. You know exactly what is going on in his body and you can fix it because you love him so much. If you healed my twin already five times from that store, you can heal this young man as well. And I believe you will!

Kat-tie said...

I do suggest this beautiful young man look into ENERGY HEALING as an extra medicinal avenue. Any and all physical happenings within the body ARE CAUSED by Emotional Trauma looking to be dealt with. and this young man truly has so very much, even that no-one is aware of!

Author Alice Miller

If anyone believes these words to be true, there is loving energetic healing available to you! This is where the corruption DOES NOT WANT PEOPLE TO GO IS INTO THEIR ENERGY OF THEMSELVES.
I send these words to the young man and his Grandmother ath this most trying time.
May you pass every test.
Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, I am deeply concerned about your decision.
I offer to you here an alternative - choose LIFE!
Go on your device to Loveworld Healing Streams at to see living examples, that the Lord Jesus is even today at work to heal everyone, who is willing to be healed.
Go there and get inspired by what you can see and hear!
The Lord Jesus is waiting for the opportunity to heal you - not only your body but all the pain residing within you!
You are invited for a miraculous healing!
And tell everyone: There is hope and a future!
God bless you!
P.S. And in case I could not reach Eric, please tell him and everybody: There is hope in the Lord Jesus!

Elga said...

an Ultra sound or XR could show what is going on,,,it also sounds like an impacted colon just my opinion a colon cleanse can help so much,, emotionally he is holding on,, so he is holding in,,,,,, once his intestines are cleaned all other things can heal slowly,, he also needs to change his diet,and a D-Tox through food and juices work wonders, this is what I see,,

Elga said...

oh and I forgot he needs lots of Love and attention he is mourning, hurting,,lost,, just look at his eyes,, the child in him is crying.. I feel and see all this,, I am an Empath,,

Cindy said...

Eric, it has been a long haul. We have been praying for you for awhile now at the request of a friend of yours. We pray for healing, for life, for peace. Lord Jesus, shower Eric in Your love. I pray an end to his pain. Heal his body. Amen❣️ We continue to pray.

LauraLee said...

Please, someone, read this and extend the information to this young man and his grandmother. Go all natural in your choices for foods (Whole Foods) and any supplements. If God made it as food, it’s good for the body. Prayer is good for the soul. Do your research on how people are healing themselves by getting away from all the toxins and processed foods. Doctors are humans, they make mistakes. Try an alternative, pray and listen to your body. Give up junk food and choose good fuel. I pray this reaches you, and anyone dealing with such, and that it’s a beginning for a turnaround in your life mentally, physically, and most of all Spiritually. God Bless You and reveal His guiding hand to you today…yes, You, the person reading and sharing this. Amen.

Sarah said...

Dear Eric, Our hearts were broken when we heard your story. You are so precious and your grandmother needs you still! Please do not give up the world needs you. all of us can raise funds for you to get proper diagnosis and help and you can have a wonderful and fullfilling life. We are praying for you that you put your hope in the one who has the power over life and death. Jesus Christ has paid your price by his death on the cross. If you put your trust in Him, you will never be ashamed, and you will find He will carry you through this life with laughter, peace and joy.

Louis R said...

There is a news report that states doctors say he needs 6 organ transplants to survive. Is this true ??
How could he be even still alive if this is true ???

Anonymous said...

It is hard to see a loved one in agony or have any type of pain we cant fix. It causes anger and feelings of helplessness. Ant type of surgery can cause scar tissue just like falling and skinning an elbow can. When scar tissue happens near a surgical site it is an adhesion. This can make once opened surgical holes like through an intestine to become smaller causing a bit of a blockage that is treated by resting the gut by decreasing the diet. I agree…the health care system is not providing the type of health care that was experienced in the past and death is given as a solution for anything that could waste tax payer dollars and provided like it is the best alternative. I would agree with Janice. She sounds like she is on track. I would say to you “I am sorry for what you have gone through personally and medically but what if you could see yourself oneday leading the life that you wished for? What if you dared to see the suffering of others in the same boat and you became the voice in the system advocating for others? What if every night before you went to bed you recalled how your insights on how to navigate the medical system brought joy and relief to someone else. I would say… life is not always easy but in every crappy thing we go through in life we have the ability to share it and turn it into love… that is a life well spent. Choose the harder road, get the supports, help others live and THRIVE!

Kathleen said...

My brother passed away last May in BC and those who cared for him told me he had a blockage in the bowel. After a laxative was administered he cleared the blockage. I found the care he received was insufficient and was not allowed contact with him. He died over the next four weeks from sepsis. This young man needs to fight for proper care even if he needs to contact a lawyer. The culture in BC is becoming a culture of death.