Monday, January 31, 2022

Ontario euthanasia deaths incease by more than 30% in 2021.

"Approximately 10,000 Canadian assisted deaths in 2021 and approximately 31,000 Canadian assisted deaths since legalized"

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario released the 2021 MAiD data which indicates that there were 3102 assisted deaths up from 2378 in 2020 representing more than a 30% increase.

The Ontario December 2021 data showed a significant increase with 298 reported euthanasia deaths as compared to 188 reported euthanasia deaths in December 2020.

A further analysis indicates that the growth in killing by lethal injection is  actually worse. According to the data, in the first half of 2021 there were 1363 assisted deaths, up from 1127 in the first half of 2020 or a 21% increase, but in the second half of 2021 there were 1739 assisted deaths up from 1251 in the second half of 2020 which is a 39% increase.

The 2020 Canadian euthanasia report indicated that the number of reported assisted deaths increased by 34% in 2020 to 7595 up from 5,660 in 2019 which was up more than 26% from 4,478 in 2018. Euthanasia deaths represented 2.5% of all Canadian deaths in 2020.

Since the federal government has not released data, based on the Ontario data, I predict that there were almost 10,000 Canadian euthanasia deaths in 2021 and there have been approximately 31,000 Canadian euthanasia deaths from legalization to December 31, 2021.

Some would suggest that this indicates that the killing program is successful, but rather I suggest that Canada is normalizing killing and our healthcare system is abandoning people to death.

Note: There have been 9796 euthanasia deaths and 2 assisted suicide deaths in Ontario since legalization in June 2016.

The number of cumulative reported assisted deaths in Ontario (since legalization):
Dec 31, 2018 - 2529 (30 months),
June 30, 2019 - 3303 (774 in 6 months),
Dec 31, 2019 - 4318 (1015 in 6 months),
June 30, 2020 - 5445 (1127 in 6 months),
Dec 31, 2020 - 6696 (1251 in 6 months),
June 30, 2021 - 8059 (1363 in 6 months),
Dec 31, 2021 - 9798 (1739 in 6 months)
Is there enough killing yet?

Canada's federal government and the Québec government both established committee's to discuss the further expansion of euthanasia in Canada. These committee's are considering euthanasia for incompetent people who requested death in their advanced directive, euthanasia for children and the rules to implement euthanasia for people with mental illness alone. The Québec report supported euthanasia for incompetent people but not for mental illness but Bill C-7 has already approved euthanasia for mental illness in Canada.

The current Canadian government remains committed to more euthanasia.

We need your help. Thousands of deaths means that there are thousands of stories. We need you to tell your story. Some of the people were depressed and had questionable competency. Some of these people were subtly coerced. Some of these stories are known by you. We can effectively challenge the culture but we need your stories. 

Contact Alex Schadenberg at the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition at: or 1-877-439-3348.


David said...

More people exercising their rights. My life, my choice.

Daniel Largy said...

To David.

Yes if you call committing suicide a right to kill yourself. God has given all of use free will, not to do evil,but to do good. By misusing your free will, you could be tempting other people to kill themself. When people killing themself becomes common, what does that say about the true compassion for vulnerable people like you David. Are Canadians so selfish and uncaring that they would not reach out to you, and offer their help to overcome whatever problem you are having now. David you do have intrinsic worth, just by the fact that you exist. Your heavenly loves you, and so do I.

Dsnirl Largy