Friday, November 19, 2021

Québec Doctor testifies that some Covid patients were euthanized rather than treated.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

A Québec inquest into Covid related deaths has uncovered more disturbing facts. In September I published an article from the testimony of an auxilary nurse claiming that many of the COVID 19 nursing home deaths were caused by abuse and neglect.

A Québec doctor told the inquest into Covid related deaths that many treatable patients actually died by euthanasia.

An article by Clara Descurninges for The Canadian Press reported on the testimony from Dr Vinh-Kim Nguyen who worked in the emergency room at the Jewish General Hospital during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Nguyen who had previously managed the Ebola pandemic for Doctors Without Borders told the inquiry that:

Patients who arrived from CHSLDs with heavy cases of COVID-19 were, according to him, “surprisingly well after a day or two of infusions or oxygen”. "By hydrating these patients, they recovered very easily,"

Dr Nguyen was sent to CHSLDs to work with their COVID-19 patients. Dr Nguyen testified that he found himself in a very different situation. Descurninges states:

Wanting to transfer patients to the hospital, he quickly discovered "the many obstacles" put in his way, while public health guidelines recommended keeping residents there.

For patients stuck in CHSLDs, the only measures available were often end-of-life respiratory distress protocols, or strong cocktails of drugs used to reduce suffering, he testified. “These are protocols that lead to death. […] It was in fact euthanasia,” he insisted.

“What really traumatized me was that I saw patients who didn't have to go there, they could have been treated."

Duscurninges also reported on the testimony from Dr. Réjean Hébert who told the inquest that 10% of patients at CHSLDs died of COVID-19 during this period. Dr Hébert is a specialist in gerontology and a professor in health policy evaluation at the University of Montreal testified that these deaths represented a "massacre" by "systematic ageism."

Dr Hébert referred to the management of healthcare in Québec as "administrative monsters" with reference to what he referred to as the six hierarchical levels of management.

The Québec inquest was established to investigate why from February 25 - July 11, 2020, Quebecers aged 70 and over accounted for 92% of deaths from COVID-19.

I have written several articles concerning COVID-19 deaths. I believe that with varying degrees, the same abuse neglect and euthanasia that occurred in Québec COVID-19 deaths also happened in other jurisdictions. The only difference is that Québec has established an inquest into these COVID-19 related deaths.

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Ron Panzer said...

Yes, in some locations, and in fact many, patients who were determined to have COVID syndrome were not in fact treated to help them recover, but were treated in a way that did nothing to save them. Useful treatments are withheld. Whistleblowers in the US, Canada, and elsewhere have revealed that this has been the case because administrators at the hospitals direct physicians and nurses to follow public "health" dept protocols that have nothing to do with what is good for the patient.

These are manipulated deaths, imposed deaths, that are not recorded officially as euthanasia, so therefore they are "stealth euthanasia," hidden from the public view, and these imposed deaths have been occurring for decades in some locations. The tainting of hospice and palliative care which was originally purely pro-life, life-affirming, and allowed for a natural death in its own timing, allowed for these hastened deaths, and that poisonous tainting of what is permissible in health care, has spread.

Now in a hospice or hospital or other location, intended, imposed deaths are seen as permissible, even legal. What a tragedy! And how horrific it is for those individuals who find that when they seek care, they are being neglected and actually harmed instead!

Thanks for sharing the truth with all of us!

Judy said...

This is what happens in a Godless Society. Life is not valued. It is not up to doctors or nurses just say if a person's life has value. Age should be treasured it is God's gift to mankind. This is just a tragedy and should never happen.

Tershia said...

The COVID virus has given government and medical authorities in Canada the perfect opportunity to carry out their disregard for human life, by hastening and even causing the deaths of vulnerable people.

'Saving money' for the healthcare system is an urgency and top priority for the government to promote death where they can. Sending covid patients home without any available relief medications that are known to help, is further indication of their inhumanity. As are the draconian mandates that force loss of livelihoods, broken families, divisions and brokenness amongst people and much more .

I often wonder if there is a monetary incentive from Big Pharma for politicians and doctors who promote these dubious vaccines. My own GP is very much in favour of these mandates, which has destroyed my trust in him.

In this culture of death, it is dangerous time to be living in Canada.

Liesle said...

Judy... not only God is missing from the equation. We now have governments who do not even respect their own citizens. They abuse their power and do not care who they hurt in the process. This whole pandemic thing need to stop. What have they got to lose? Big money when it comes from the big pharmas!!

RRS said...

There is zero accountability on the part of governments (if you can call them that) and most of the medical establishment. There is no respect for life and no respect for elders. My dad had a stroke after receiving two Moderna shots. His doctors pushed a third "booster" on him before he had even recovered. He was told he could not go to outpatient therapy unless he got the "booster(s)." There is a tiny world in the minds of these functionaries. It's about their careers, their income, their power, their retirement, their little egos, no one else matters. Families don't matter. Precaution doesn't matter. Intelligence certainly does not matter. We need to counter this horrible culture in every way we can.

gramma said...

Absolutely true. 🥲🥲