Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Canada's Justice Minister is considering expanding euthanasia to include teenagers and incompetent people.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Canada's Justice Minister, David Lametti was reported in a Radio Canada interview that he is considering extending euthanasia to teenagers and people who are incompetent but made a previous request.

Lametti, who voted against Bill C-14 in 2016 because it didn't go far enough, has been ordered by Prime Minister Trudeau to expand Canada's euthanasia law.

All of this is based on the fact that the Liberal government did not appeal a Québec court decision that struck down the section of Canada's euthanasia law requiring that a person's "natural death must be reasonably foreseeable."

The Liberal government double speak is particularly concerning. Last Spring the government announced that no changes will be made to the law until after the government completed a five year review, that would begin in June 2020. What is the purpose of a five year review if the government eliminates the restrictions in the law previous to the consultation.

Christian Noël reporting for Radio Canada explains what Lametti said in the interview (google translated):

..the Minister of Justice said he was juggling the idea of ​​allowing people who suffer from a neurodegenerative disease, such as Parkinson's disease, to seek medical aid in dying early, before being unable to '' express their consent.

The possibility that seriously ill young people between the ages of 14 and 17 may seek medical assistance in dying, with psychological tags in place, is also being considered.

We will have to see if we have a strong consensus. The Canadian and Quebec societies of 2019 are not the same as in 2015. There is an evolution, a greater acceptance of assisted dying in Canada.
Lametti did recognize that he could simply amend the law based on the Quebec court decision. Radio Canada reported:
The other option on the table is to settle the question of reasonably foreseeable death in time for March 11, while keeping an in-depth review of the law for this summer. The government had promised to review the law every five years, a deadline that arrives in June.
The Globe and Mail suggested a more cautious approach in its December 16 editorial. It suggested that legislation require that before MAiD is done that all other options be tried first and that the government assure better services for people with chronic conditions that cause suffering. The Globe and Mail editorial concluded:
But Ottawa should not just throw up its hands and enforce no precautions. That could tilt the balance too far in the other direction. Making access to assisted death too difficult is undesirable, but so is making it too easy.
The federal government announced that there would be a five year review of the euthanasia law beginning in June 2020 and yet it is now considering amending the legislation before the review is done.

Canada's euthanasia law does not provide oversight and control. EPC would like the government to step back and agree to an honest analysis of what is the actual happening with euthanasia in Canada.


jozseffaber said...


Unknown said...

This is just the beginning of what
Justin T. has planned for Canada, in my opinion
I would suggest, that anyone who voted for him, should start immediately to pray, for him, that he would have the grace of conversion to Jesus.
From Patricia .

Cheryl C. said...

I guess that those of us who are drastically opposed to the law in its current format should be ready to protest even louder. I also would like to see the government public consultation stats that support assisted suicide. It appears that a few are dictating important public policy for the rest of us.

Dave de Jong said...

It is becoming quite clear that medically assisted death in Canada is going the same way as abortion. In that case the Supreme Court threw out the existing law and said Parliament could/should create a new one. But successive governments have chosen not to do anything, so any abortion is legal in Canada. Is there much doubt MaID is on the same path?

Old Lady said...

If we're going to euthanize the "incompetent", let's start with the majority of those in government.

Mrs J Spencer said...

It would be better to wait until the review of the present law before changing it.
euthanasia must not be made too easy.

Nancy said...

Canada's euthanasia law does not provide oversight and control. EPC would like the government to step back and agree to an honest analysis of what is the actual happening with euthanasia in Canada.

Annette Murphy said...

Its murder no matter how you look at it.

Corrina Conlan said...

They murdered my mom Karen in July . She had two tumors removed from her brain and Chilliwack hospital starved her and snuck lethal injections while they changed her. Even though I was going every day to feed her and we are Christian's.

granny Jan said...

Justin is a baptized Catholic. Whether practicing or not, he should be excommunicated. The pope and 69 percent of Christian and other faiths have adamantly opposed MAID and he is making a mockery of this segment of the population and their faiths. Excommunication.

john3153a said...

You are absolutely right on, Cheryl C.


I am deeply saddened by the devaluation of life in our culture and our politicians. Please remember that when you give anyone power over when anyone lives or dies we all at at risk and the deciding factor will be in the end cost as most things are. With many of us into and entertaining our Golden Years. I am very concerned.