Thursday, March 14, 2019

Nancy Elliott: Letter to Maryland Senators opposing the assisted suicide bills.

Dear Senator

Nancy Elliott
Please vote no on assisted suicide bills HB 399 and SB 311. I know there are some that believe we have a right to die. Anyone can kill themselves. What assisted suicide laws do is give rights to doctors to make you dead. They are also giving rights to the government to decide who has the right to live and who is deserving of death. Governments should not be trusted with this power.

Assisted suicide and euthanasia are at their heart eugenic. They seek to eliminate the weak, sick and elderly among us, while promoting what they call autonomy, which is only valuing individuals who are healthy and productive. They seek to morph Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" into, only the fittest are allowed to survive. This thinking was gaining traction in the US until the Nazi's tried their human experiment and Americans were repulsed.

Proponents say the new euthanasia is not like the earlier form. They claim it is entirely voluntary. While some may think they chose this, how many were actually steered? Steering is the elephant in the room. 

I was at a hearing for assisted suicide in Massachusetts where a doctor stated that assisted suicide laws were something he supported. He continued with his points and ended by saying that he felt it was the responsibility for a good doctor “to guide people to make the right choice”. I do not think he intended to say that but is there any doubt that this pro-suicide doctor would try to persuade his patients to follow his wishes, concerning their assisted suicide.

Then there is steering done by family and “so called” friends. It is easy to persuade people that they should give up. Perhaps they are tired of caring for a person or are looking to inherit. We see the most egregious example in the Dutch woman, whose doctor had the family hold her down while she fought and was euthanized against her will. Our opponents call this compassionate, caring and choice. (1)

Seniors are at risk and easily fall victim to coercion as the process is open to that. In most states, heirs can be there for the request and even speak. Anyone can pick up the lethal dose. Once in the house all oversight is gone, there is no witness required at the death. Even if they struggled who would know.

Eligible people are not necessarily dying. Think of a 21-year-old otherwise healthy insulin dependent diabetic. He qualifies if he rejects his insulin. This would be the same for many other people with serious conditions, who take prescription medications. What about all the curable cancers? They qualify.

What about the 5% of incorrect medical diagnosis? With assisted suicide on the table these mistakes are deadly.

This is about disability. If you have a disability you are encouraged to commit suicide. If, on the other hand, you are young and healthy, you are given suicide counselling. This is discrimination. This law is a “special” carve out, for the sick, elderly and disabled.

Follow the money. There are people and entities that stand to make a profit if "expensive" individuals are euthanized at the earliest moment. Winners would include, insurers, nursing homes, hospitals, government entities and people who are heavily invested in these areas.

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are not in the public interest. Please vote no on HB 399 and SB 311.

(1) Dutch doctor who euthanized woman with dementia without consent is being prosecuted (Link).


Nancy Elliott 
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA

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