Friday, May 25, 2018

Compassion and Choices is spreading incorrect information that could put doctors in jail.

Media release EPC-USA - May 25, 2018.
California doctors can be prosecuted for assisted suicide.

California’s 4th District Court of Appeal denied the stay requested by the Attorney General, Xavier Becerra pertaining to the state’s so called “Death with Dignity” law commonly known as Assisted Suicide. It was in response to last week’s California, Riverside County’s Superior Court Judges’ ruling that California’s legislature acted outside the scope of its authority when it decriminalized Assisted Suicide.

There was a special session of the California Legislature convened by the Governor to address Medicaid funding shortfalls, services for the disabled and in-home support services. The bill for Assisted Suicide was introduced in this special session.

Nancy Elliott
Nancy Elliott, Chairman of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA stated; 
“The judges decisions were right in ruling that Assisted Suicide does not have anything to do with Medicaid funding shortfalls, services for the disabled or in-home support services unless the proponents of Assisted Suicide are saying that encouraging people to kill themselves would fix Medicaid’s funding shortfalls. I hope no one is that callous.”
Compassion and Choices, a proponent of Assisted Suicide sent out a press release telling California doctors it was "OK" to continue writing lethal prescriptions and falsifying death certificates.

William O'Brien
Former New Hampshire House Speaker and Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA board member, the Hon. William O’Brien disagrees stating;

“Compassion and Choices should not be saying that this preserves the law even temporarily. 
“If it was unconstitutionally enacted, there is a very strong argument it never came into effect and no doctor should be relying on it. That can - and should be - the effect of the final order in this case.”
This was confirmed by EPC USA Attorney Sara Buscher; 
“This is a declaratory judgment which means that once the judge declared the law unconstitutional, the law no longer exists. No need for an injunction to invalidate the law. I would argue the law has never existed-- void ab initio.

Local district attorneys can now enforce the law and prosecute the doctors for assisting suicide when writing deadly prescriptions.”
Chairman Elliott further stated; 
“We are very pleased with the rulings. The absence of this law will make the state of California much safer for seniors, those with a disability and those who are ill. We are concerned for doctors that may listen to the baseless propaganda being put out by our opponents and wind up in very serious trouble.”

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