Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two Massachusetts doctors file case to give them the right to prescribe lethal drugs for assisted suicide.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The suicide lobby have filed a case on behalf of two Cape Cod Massachusetts doctors in the Massachusetts Superior Court to give them the right in law to prescribe lethal drugs to assist the suicide of their patients.

According to an article by Ryan Bray of the Cape News:

The suit, which was filed in Massachusetts Superior Court, was filed by Compassion & Choices, a Denver-based nonprofit organization that advocates nationally for allowing doctors to assist patients in dying. The suit was filed on behalf of Dr. Roger M. Kligler, a resident of Falmouth, and Dr. Alan Steinbach, a resident of Woods Hole. 
The suit seeks a declaration that assisted suicide, or "medical aid in dying," is not a crime by Massachusetts law. The suit also seeks an injunction protecting from prosecution doctors who provide medical aid in dying. 
Dr. Kligler is currently in the late stages of prostate cancer. In a press release from Compassion & Choices released Wednesday, October 26, he argued for the right to medicate himself as needed, given his condition. 
"Having a prescription for aid-in-dying medication that I could self-administer if my suffering became too great in the final days would provide great comfort to me," Dr. Kligler said. 
In the same release, Dr. Steinbach voiced his desire to be able to discuss assisted suicide as an option with his patients and to assist his patients, as needed, without fear of prosecution from the state.
Compassion & Choices were unsuccessful in New Mexico, Connecticut, Tennesee, California and New York with similar court cases. 

The Massachussets Superior Court should reject this case and honor the vote of Massachusetts residents who rejected an assisted suicide voter initiative in 2012.

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