Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mark Pickup: The problem with assisted suicide.

Disability activist, Mark Pickup was interviewed for the documentary The Euthanasia Deception that will be released in June.

Mark Pickup
Mark Pickup was diagnosed with MS at the age of 30. Mark explains that at the 2 - 3 year point, with MS, that his grief was so deep that he would have considered euthanasia. Mark is happy to be alive.

Watch and share this short Youtube video of Mark Pickup.

The Mark Pickup segment is a short promo video for The Euthanasia Deception a documentary that exposes what euthanasia laws can do to a country’s culture. Heart-wrenching testimonies along with medical, legal and expert analysis reveal the sad truth about euthanasia and assisted dying: all of us become vulnerable when life and death matters are handed over to lawmakers and doctors.

The initiative is being produced by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in association with DunnMedia & Entertainment is made possible through the support of generous donors like you.

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Jule Koch said...

"Assisted" suicide and "mercy killing" have come about partly because of the intense pressure that people put on the medical profession. As modern medicine's ability to cure diseases has increased to the point of almost being able to work "miracles", so has the public's expectation that doctors can and must solve all their problems. Doctors are constantly pressured to give out medicine that they know will not help the patient, i.e. antibiotics, and to "Do something, don't just stand there and watch me be sick".
We must all do our part to take this pressure off of doctors.

CL said...

Julie Koch - While I agree that there is a lot of pressure on doctors, I do not believe that this is the reason for the push to embrace euthanasia. I sincerely think that it is pushed by the left to decrease what they believe is the surplus population (they think there are too many people in the world sucking up precious dwindling resources) and that it is not worthwhile to keep the sick, old, feeble and handicapped alive. There is this propaganda which preaches that if the quality of your life is not good, you should consider checking out. Who ever said life is only about quality? And who is to decide whether or not your life has "quality." Euthanasia diminishes the preciousness of human life.

yoda said...

Fully agree with CL. Recently a small group of California Assembly legislators was formed to explore ways to reduce the growing cost of Medicaid/Medical. The one substantive item they produced was an assisted suicide law that did not require a full Assembly vote because of the nature of their special session charter and which has been subsequently signed into law by Governor Brown. It is often said we live in a throw-away society. Assisted suicide, which easily morphs into euthanasia, proves this sentiment beyond any doubt.