Saturday, March 19, 2016

Action Alert! Two California bills Promote assisted suicide

Two Bad California Bills Peddling Physician Assisted Suicide 
Letters and Calls are needed now

SB 1002 - Gov't "advice" bill

State Senator Bill Monning, author of California's attempt to legalize assisted suicide, has submitted a bill to elicit government involvement and promotion of physician assisted suicide. Mr. Monning and the Hemlock Society (now 'Compassion and Choices') have neglected to mention that the controversial assisted suicide law is not in effect, and is not assured of going into effect! It is still subject to judicial scrutiny.

Nevertheless, Monning and the Hemlock promoters are recruiting state agencies to promote and engender assisted suicide in California.

Monning's new bill, SB 1002, would change the California Health and Safety Code, requiring the State Health Department to establish a toll-free phone line to answer questions about physician assisted suicide (PAS). Any interested party, perhaps an impatient heir, can inquire about obtaining, preparing and aiding another person in using the deadly prescription. SB 1002 presents a confused government policy that would accept both anti-suicide and pro-suicide hot lines.

Contrary to pro-euthanasia puff-pieces, the so-called 'Aid-in-Dying Law' did not change California law regarding assisted suicide, and even under the wording of that law, the assisted suicide regulations of California remain on the books. (Penal code Sec. 401)

The 'Aid-in-Dying law' (AB X2- 15) merely used verbal games and declared a special use of medicine to kill a patient with a terminal diagnosis. With a straight face, the legal conundrum thus created was 'skirted' by simply declaring, 'This [law] is not assisted suicide."

But serious observers recognize it is indeed assisted suicide, its assistance and promotion. Brittany Maynard, the 'star' about whom last year's measure was centered, clearly committed suicide in Oregon and the state of Oregon concurred.

Aiding a person in committing suicide continues to be a felony in California for numerous reasons including errors in medical judgment by physicians; emotionally distraught individuals making emotionally motivated decisions (there is no requirement for psychological consult); legacy hunting by family members, or even just emotional relief for unhappy family members; and perhaps most importantly, the violation of the ethical use of medicine making the medical profession participate in intentional killing.

Senator Monning's Bill is dedicated to promoting what is still illegal in California, Department of Health Services is in no position to 'advise people' in how to skirt around the complexities of that crime. (CA Penal Code, Sec. 401).

To register your organization opposition to SB 1002, please do so IMMEDIATELY, write on your organization letterhead. Individual opposition is also encouraged.

Send to:Senate Health Committee, State Capitol, Room 2191, Sacramento,
CA 95814Fax: (916) 266-9438 Phone: (916) 651-4111
SB 1002 is not health care. It is a bald example of ideology trumping law and logic, and government resources should not be participating in this 'legal charade'.


Gov't Funding Bill! AB 2810
AB 2810 would have Medi-Cal funds pay for lethal 'medicine' employed in suicide of patients. Click to read.
The bill has been sent to the Assembly Committee on Health and may be heard as early as this Tuesday! Click here for contact information.
Please act on both of these bills now!

Box 1678
Sacramento, CA 95812

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