Thursday, February 18, 2016

New York Post: Don't pretend its not assisted suicide - at least.

This editorial was published by the New York Post on February 15, 2016.

Deceptive names for legislation are nothing new, but this takes the cake.

Introduced by Democrat Amy Paulin in the Assembly and Republican John Bonacic in the state Senate, the bill would make it easier for terminal New York patients to get doctors to give them fatal doses of drugs.

They call it an “aid in dying” bill, but “Assisted Suicide Enhancement Act” is more to the point.

Or “The Streamlining Euthanasia Act.”

Yes, it has some safeguards: To get the deadly dose, the patient must meet with a counselor to show he or she is mentally and emotionally competent to make the fatal decision — which must be witnessed by two others, one of whom vouches to not benefit materially from the death.

New York law has long granted patients the right to refuse extraordinary measures to prolong life. But this is a huge jump — asking health professionals to provide the means to end life, and setting up a system whose abuse could literally mean murder.

It’s well worth debate — we don’t question Paulin or Bonacic’s good motives here. But the bill’s name shouldn’t hide what it’s really about.

Comment: Sadly the bill is worse than the New York Post has stated. The bill does not require a meeting with a counselor.

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Doctors From Hell said...

A catholic hospital muredered my wife by forcing her to sign a medical directive authorizing two doctors to issue a DNR. They initiated comfort care without informed consent that is code for euthanasia with a regiment of drugs that will surely kill you or cripple you forever. I took her out AMA and brought her to another hospital,UWMC, they did tests and found she was not in excruciating pain or dying from leukemia as told by the catholic hospital Two months later at home my wife fainted trying to stand after comfort care. Responders were told DNR and refused to help, saying she died in the house, her heart beat for 35 minutes in the ambulance yet they were only 20 minutes away. They made a puncrure wound over her internal jugular vein. We have a full fledged holocause going on in this country and it is because foreign countries are collect on our debts and they are collecting life insurance on each person they murder. Superior Court Judge Anna Rezeigner