Thursday, September 17, 2015

Governor Jerry Brown - Veto assisted suicide bill ABX2-15

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Dear Governor Brown:

I am asking you to protect Californians. I am asking you to veto the assisted suicide bill ABX2-15. 

Send this online message urging Governor Jerry Brown to Veto assisted suicide bill ABX2-15 petition.

This assisted suicide bill has been sold to legislators as a means of providing greater choice and control over one's death. This is not true. As the national disability rights leader, Diane Coleman stated:

Who actually has choice and control under assisted suicide laws? Anyone could ask their doctor for assisted suicide, but the law gives the authority to doctors to determine who is eligible. Doctors make the determination that a person is terminally ill and likely to die in six months, and that the request for assisted suicide is voluntary and informed. The advertised “safeguards” in assisted suicide bills are entirely in the hands of doctors, from the diagnosis, prognosis, disclosures, request form, decision whether to refer for psychological assessment, prescription and report after death.
Abuse of the law likely, especially with the imprecise language in the bill. Abuse of assisted suicide laws results in death. 

Marilyn Golden, Senior Policy Analyst for the California based Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, stated in an article published in the Los Angeles Times concerning the earlier version of the bill:
“If this bill passes, some people’s lives will be ended without their consent, through mistakes and abuse. No safeguards have ever been enacted or proposed that can prevent this outcome, which can never be undone.”
Please protect Californians. Veto assisted suicide bill ABX2-15.

Send this online message urging Governor Jerry Brown to Veto assisted suicide bill ABX2-15.

The Governor's twitter handle: @JerryBrownGov
The Governor's phone number: 916 445-2841, Fax (916) 558-3160


Josephj Quinn said...

When the UK Abortion Act 1967 was being debated, the British people were told that it would be very limited in its application. We should all be very well aware of what has happened since that time and that what we now have is abortion virtually on demand. The same thing will happen should the proposed Assisted Suicide Bill ABX2-15 become law in California or anywhere else for that matter, regardless of the effort of the finest minds to try and convince us otherwise. Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, the elderly and infirm will be selected for death by way of intimidation, coercion, fear of being burdensome and even deliberate misinterpretation of the law, with some being selected on the basis that they are unfit or unable to make the choice for themselves.
People who need our care are there for that very purpose, to test us in love. We are deceived if we have been persuaded that the unnatural ending of life in order to alleviate suffering is a caring act. To truly care is to do all in our power through palliative care to compassionately relieve that suffering.
Should assisted suicide become lawful then it will also provide the means whereby those infants who have evaded the screening process for disabilities can be eliminated when they are born with so called defects.
We should be further concerned that there may be a significant hidden economical agenda surrounding this matter.
Some supporters of assisted suicide will be greatly satisfied if a Bill of this nature becomes law in any shape or form because they will be only too aware that it will eventually be amended to suit their aim of death on demand.
In conclusion, it is impossible to safeguard and guarantee the rights of those who are vulnerable in attempting to enshrine in law, the so called rights of some persons to kill themselves, or be assisted in such action, and who it must be stressed, are a tiny minority compared with those who are not in favour of such a provision.
Joseph Quinn

Jule Koch said...

The real point of all of these weary arguments is that people are perfectly capable of killing themselves. In 2013, there were 41,149 deaths by suicide in the United States. The rate has been 12.6 suicides per 100,000 since around 2001.
Stats Canada seems to only have statistics for 5 years, from 2007 to 2011 - in that time 18,885 Canadians successfully killed themselves - the suicide rate in Canada is around 15 deaths per 100,000 people.
There is no need for anyone to get involved in people's suicides. We need doctors to help us live and get better, not to kill people. Criminals can do that - if the state so desperately wants to kill people, which seems to be the case, it can hire criminals a lot cheaper than paying doctors.

Bobby Brown said...

Your attempt to slight people advocating against euthanasia fails, DWD states no longer have the best interests of it's citizens in mind, they are using man's law as an abomination to allow doctors and hospitals to circumvent criminal or civil liability by killing their mistakes, which are numerous. People are finally waking up to cut, burn and drug voodoo medicine. Scare mongers like you try to tell people they have to shoot themselves if DWD isn't passed, you are working for darkness, go read the bible where it says chose life, not death. People don't choose voluntary euthanasia because they're afraid of pain, hospitals use that excuse to put a person in a fog even if they have to break the law doing it without informed consent. They'll increase the flow of oxygen or the drip of morphine to put you down. If that doesn't work they initiate a DNR and let the responders stand by and watch you die, they have clean hands. This is all done under the color of law. I've filed suit against a catholic hospital for involuntary manslaughter, hastening death and failing to secure informed consent. Looks like I'm on my own on this one. talk Platelets