Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As the Belgian Euthanasia Turns: Stay of execution (euthanasia) for Belgian rapist.

This article was published by Wesley Smith on his blog on January 5.

Wesley Smith
By Wesley Smith

What a soap opera.

The planned euthanasia killing of the Belgian murderer and rapist has been put on hold because the death doctor came down with an unexplained case of cold feet. From the De Staandard story (Google translation):

Frank Van Den Bleeken Sunday will not get euthanasia because of unbearable psychological suffering. Reported the Minister of Justice Koen Geens. The doctors who would assist in the Van Den Bleeken euthanasia procedure have dropped out. 
Minister of Justice Koen Geens late Frank Van Den Bleeken transferring Turnhout to the recently launched forensic psychiatric center (FPC) in Ghent. This center is not suitable for long stays, but for people who can be integrated into society. There Bleeken Van Den will be observed. 
The idea is an observation with a view to the appropriate treatment or the development of a custom care process. If our country would not prove possible treatment, Van Den Bleeken is probably transferred to the Netherlands.
I suspect this planned killing came too close to capital punishment, so disdained in Western Europe. Hence, a rare bout of conscience among Belgian death doctors.

It’s all so surreal. Let’s recap the current state of Belgian euthanasia, shall we?
But so far, no quasi-capital punishment. We’ll see if this shaky death boundary sticks.

Considering the fundamental premises of euthanasia consciousness, I suspect not. Indeed, as I have written here, some bioethicists and euthanasia activists – apparently, including Peter Singer – support (“rational”) euthanasia or assisted suicide for those who find imprisonment unbearable.

But the Belgian cruel and unusual death with dignity is off for now. Tune in here soon for the next episode of, As the Belgian Euthanasia Turns.

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