Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Jersey Governor Christie will veto assisted suicide bill.

By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

On Friday June 20, Nancy Elliott, a member of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International Board and a former three term New Hampshire Representative had the opportunity to speak with New Jersey Governor Christie about assisted suicide Bill A 2270, a bill that is likely to be voted-on in the New Jersey House in the next few weeks.

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The following is the message from Nancy Elliott:
Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey.  I know that a lot of you are concerned about the Assisted Suicide bill that passed the Health Committee in New Jersey. He assured me vehemently that he has not changed his position on Assisted Suicide, that he would veto it if it came to his desk and that as long as he was the Governor of New Jersey this was not going to become law.  I believe him.  It is important that we continue to work this on the ground as he will not always be the Governor, but at least for now we have his assurance.
Thank you Nancy Elliott for your continued leadership and political acumen.

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